Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Book Review (sort of) - Vegan Eats World

Yep, this is one I have reviewed before - which is why this is only a "sort of" review.

I now also have a copy of the soft cover version of Vegan Eats World, and I am just as impressed by it is paperback as I was all that time ago (December 2012 - can you believe it!) in hard back.

Flicking through both books side by side they appear to be identical (correct me Terry if I am wrong) and all the comments I made, and discrepancies I noted in my first review still stand. The book is still big and long, but not as heavy!

I made a couple of different recipes this time around (but only a few as I made so many before!) -
Page 98 - Mango and Peanut Millet Salad
I'm the only one in my house who really likes millet so I made a 1/2 recipe to use up the little I had in my cupboard. I also cut down the red onion as once I had mine chopped it looked like an awful lot to me. Tasty and satisfying, interesting mix of sweet and savoury.

Page 116 - Andean Bean Stew
Using the substitution for the Aji Paste. Even better on day number two this is a warming filling, not too spicy stew which needs nothing but a hearty appetite to enjoy.

Page 285 - Roasted Cauliflower with Mint
I love roasted cauliflower so it was no surprise I loved this one too. Maybe a touch too mint-y for my tastes, but lovely all the same.

Do follow the link above to my previous review to give you a better idea about how awesome this book is.

Oh, and this has been the first part in a Terry Hope Romero double header. I am currently cooking from her newest book - Salad Samurai - and will have that review next week.

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