Monday, 12 May 2014

Book Review - Vegan Finger Foods

Celine and Tami have done it again! Another beautiful, user-friendly book has hit the stores!
The premise of this book is, obviously, finger foods - those you don't need cutlery to eat, with a focus on ones which are suitable for parties, either as passed appies, or as a buffet spread. The introductory chapter offers some hints, introduces some maybe less well known ingredients, and lists the recipe icons (for make ahead, quick and easy, and those with GF potential). Not overly long, or that info packed, however at the end of the book there are suggested menus which is nice helpful information.

The recipe chapters (4 of them) are logical, and group the recipes in an approachable manner. The recipes themselves are 1 per page, nicely laid out, have chatty but informative introductions, and many have accompanying photos. The photos (as always in Tami and Celine's books) are pretty awesome, and make the dishes they illustrate look worth making. Even if you don't really need your recipes illustrated you'll like these photos!

The recipes I made, in (as always) page number order -
Page 16 - Quickie Marinara
Simple and quick (as the title implies) this is a tasty sauce. Nothing difficult or out of the ordinary.

Page 21 - Snacking Chickpeas
I made the Bacony variation, and almost ate the whole recipe by myself as they came out of the oven. Super winner!

Page 43 - Potato Puffs with Tapenade
Not too keen on this one. The addition of the instant mashed potatoes gave a texture and taste I didn't really like. Tapenade was tasty, and the idea is a great one.

Page 44 - Nacho Potato Skins
Tasty! Though my potatoes were really big, and had to be eaten with a knife and fork. I did add a step where I heated the skins in the oven for 10 minutes after filling before adding the sauce as I have folks who don't appreciate raw onion, and this extra step cooked them just enough to make them acceptable.

Page 57 - Pantry Raid Ranch Dip
Super fast, super easy. A tasty enough addition to anything which needs a dip, or as a salad dressing.

Page 58 - Nacho Saucy Dip
Another simple, yet tasty sauce / dip. Would be great over green vege.

Page 145 - Chocolate Chunk Cookies
These turned out a little dry. Not my favorite choc chip cookies. Easy enough to make though!

I would like to try more recipes from this one - but its a great little book, filled with awesome ideas. Add it to your shelf!

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