Monday, 13 January 2014

Book Review - The Yoga-Body Cleanse

Continuing with my sort of welcome to the new year with healthy books trend! (Don't worry it doesn't go on long).

This book is a guide through 7 days of healthy living, getting you in touch with your inner being and coming out the other end better for it. I must say right here that I did not complete the programme at this time - though may do so at some point in the future.

The book runs through Ayurvedic basics, has a bunch of quizzes to determine if this is something you'd benefit from, looks briefly at determining your dosha and how that affects you, then moves into a day by day guide to the programme. This part of the book contains a structure to your day while on the cleanse, recipes to use for your meals(which are pretty basic and variations on a similar theme), yoga exercises to complete, self care activities to complete and other hints to get the most out of the programme. There are no pictures and the recipes are contained within the text.

In my opinion, I found that the programme and book was lacking somewhat in scientific proof, to the level I would have liked to have seen. A lot was very anecdotal in the way the information was presented.

If this sort of cleanse appeals to you I really do feel you need to consult a Doctor prior to undertaking anything, instead of just taking the book and jumping right in.

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