Monday, 9 December 2013

Book Review - Vegan Cooking for Carnivores

The paperback version. Not sure it is different from the hardcover - other than there is a different picture on the front.

This is a nice looking book, well laid out with lots of pictures (mainly the food) for those who like that sort of thing. Some of the recipes / instructions have pictorial illustrations of the steps as well - which is nice for things which you may not be familiar with. The foreword and afterword I can take or leave but the introductory sections are short but handy - looking at pantry staples, techniques, and knife info. There is a section on brand name vegan products recommended / used which is your second hint that this is not a from scratch vegan cookbook but more a book filled with transitional recipes, an introduction to vegan eating. (Your first hint would be the title of the book!)

The recipes are logically grouped, and are laid out mainly one to a page. The condiments section is the exception. Most recipes have at least one picture. The recipes I made -

Page 31 - Tofu Egg Salad
Not much egg-ness as the pickle / celery flavour dominates. Tofu is for texture in this one I guess. Recipe is tasty enough, and very easy.

Page 45 - Fruity Snack Balls
Enjoyed these. Would like with cocoa nibs or cocoa powder as well!

Page 54 - Potato Latkes
Simple and tasty. Don't know why you have to heat the oven as it isn't used in the instructions.

Page 71 - Tortilla Soup
OK though H wasn't enamoured with the tortilla strips. I liked them but didn't like the avocado on top. Not as thick as I was expecting and a little bitter from the charred ingredients.

Page 84 - Black Bean Soup
Again not as thick as expected. Tasty, though a little one note - needed a little more depth. Super easy to make.

Page 90 - Spicy Noodle Salad
Very tasty! Enjoyed this one a lot.

Page 100 - Blackened Tofu Caesar Salad
Loved the caesar dressing and the blackened tofu was tasty. Not convinced there needed to be peppers.

Page 157 - Risotto
I often make risotto so know what I like. The addition of the cashew cream at the end was lovely and made for an exceptionally creamy final dish.

Page 160 - Roasted Butternut Squash
I burnt my leeks a little as I think the temperature in the recipe is too high for caramelisation. Very tasty though - had this will the risotto and it was a super good combination.

Recommended? For what it is - a book of transitional recipes using both whole foods and processed vegan foods - you could certainly do worse. If you're not keen on processed foods, even as a very occasional thing then this one may not be for you.


Kendy P said...

i like this book! i made the pumpkin pie and pinto beans so far - both are awesome!

Cookware Reviews said...

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