Monday, 16 December 2013

Book Review - Eat to Live

Lots of information in the introductory sections of this one, mainly about Dr Fuhrman`s theory on the best way to eat. In general there is a lot on the nutritional value of different foods and which give you more bang for your calorific buck (which is his theory in a nutshell) and guides to choosing produce, kitchen tools recommended and some testimonials. Not all the recipes are the creations of Dr Fuhrman, and the guest chefs are introduced, which is a nice touch - giving credit where due. My only negative about parts of this book is that they do push the Dr Fuhrman brand products a little, but in fairness there are alternatives given in the introductory sections should you not have access to these.

There is one section of colour photos, otherwise the recipes are not illustrated. They are logically grouped, spaciously laid out and easy to follow in the most part. Each recipe has nutritional information per serving, which I would expect from a book focused on eating nutritionally. There are loads of informational text boxes about ingredients, containing tips and points of interest.

The recipes I made -
Page 52 - Chocolate Cherry Smoothie
Very tasty. Rich and filling. Not overly chocolate-y, you could still taste the fruit but wouldn`t know there was spinach in there!

Page 64 - Overnight Oatmeal
Very simple. Nice to have ready for in the morning without really doing anything for breakfast.

Page 82 - Nutritarian Caesar Dressing
I didn`t like this one. I found it both too sweet and too overpoweringly kelp-y. I tried to rescue it by adding other ingredients any eventually ended up wiht something i liked. Sorry to say I threw most of it away.

Page 96 - Fresh Tomato Salsa
Simple but tasty.

Page 97 - Favourite Guacamole
Not my favourite but nice enough. A little too heavy on the raw onions for my guac preferences.

Page 115 - Shredded Brussels Sprouts Salad
Loved this one. Very simple but tasty way to eat sprouts!

Page 120 - Dijon Vinaigrette Asparagus
Though I didn`t use asparagus as it is not in season, I made Dijon Vinaigrette Beets using the same method etc and it was lovely.

Page 132 - Taco Salad with Guacamole Dressing
Too much raw onion in this one for us, and the dressing was a little on the bland side. Tasty enough once we picked out alot of the onion.

Page 190 - Tofu Fillets with Mushroom Wine Sauce
Very nice. A filling meal served over rice. Enjoyed this one quite a lot.

Page 230 - Polenta with wilted greens and roasted Portobello Mushrooms
Another I enjoyed. Simple to make but good.

Page 252 - Sweet Potato Black Bean Burgers
Tasted great but texture wise weren`t the best. Didn`t hold any real shape once mixed, and I had to bake for art least twice the stated time to get any sort of crust. Nice cold too.

Recommended..... If your health is a big concern, and you are looking to eat in the most nutritionally sound manner, or looking to loose weight or control health issues, then yes.

Next blog post won't be until after Christmas!


legolandpenguin said...

Thanks for reviewing this! I have health issues that I'm sure would improve if I ate along these lines, I just mentally find it unappealing - like intentionally trying not to eat sugar or oil makes me want it more. The brussels sprouts salad sound great, though.

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