Saturday, 2 November 2013

Not a Cook Book Review...

The A to Z of Children's Health is obviously not a cookbook but a book I've been sent from one of the publishers who send me cookbooks. I found it to be OK, but a little limited, and didn't cover some of the questions I was looking for answers to - maybe because my children are at the upper end of the "Birth to 10 years" age range covered, and maybe because I was looking for information which was a little too specific. It would be incredibly hard to cover everything which could come up relating to the health of children in that age range!
I do think that the information contained is useful, and that the entries are well written, and easy for a non-medical person to understand. I like the Case Studies which give real life examples of the problems, and that there are lots of pictures, charts and illustrations.
If you have young children and are looking for a resource to use alongside information from your family doctor then this fits the bill - just be aware that it may not have answers to everything you're looking for and that the information is generalised.

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