Monday, 4 November 2013

Book Review - Raw, Quick and Delicious

This book promises 5 ingredients recipes in 15 minutes, and that it delivers; with (in my opinion) a small (allowable) cheat or two - that is, some of the recipes make use of ingredients which you have to make first (recipes given in the first chapter), and some of the recipes are not for dishes which stand alone would make a meal so you'd be taking more than 15 minutes until you ate. Nit picking much?

I have Douglas McNish's first book (Eat Raw, Eat Well) too, and am equally impressed with this one, maybe even more so as none of the recipes require a dehydrator so all were available for me to make. (I'm getting one soon so will be able to revisit his other book and other raw books I have!) This book is laid out in a similar manner (same publisher) has easy to follow recipes, logical chapters, a small introduction, and like Eat Raw, Eat Well two colour photo inserts. Again the photos of produce I could have done without, but the actual food looks awesome. I tried to make a range of dishes to showcase all that was available in this book.

Page 29 - Sunflower Seed Hummus.
Nice and tangy - balanced just like hummus, though a little thicker. Great on crackers or with veggies.

Page 30 - Spiced Nut Crumble
Nice by itself but this is one of the recipes for ingredients. Super simple.

Page 95 - Creamy Cashew Red Pepper Dip
Very tasty - easy to make and fresh tasting. I spread on romaine lettuce leaves as a starter.

Page 109 - Parsley Almond Tabouli
Very like other (ie non-raw) Tabouli. Tasty, and even better the next day.

Page 124 - Sweet Pepper Slaw
Maybe the least favourite of all the ones I made, a little simplistic, but tasty enough.

Page 131 - Lemon Tahini Dressing
Smoky Variation. Garlic-y and smoky and good. Nice with a mixed salad.

Page 132 - Spicy Lime Avocado Dressing
Spicy and sour - reminiscent of tacos in a salad.

Page 161 - Lime, Tomato and Avocado Chili
I wasn't terribly sure about this one until I tasted it. A little salty but good. The next day the saltiness had mellowed and I enjoyed it even more with veggies.

Page 181 - Creamy Garlic Spinach
Super garlic-y, and surprisingly like cooked creamed spinach. I should have massaged the spinach a little to get it to wilt more but this one I'd make again for sure!

Page 197 - Pistachio Halva Balls
If I had any I would have melted some chocolate and dipped these in it as after dinner truffles. So very good - sweet, but not too sweet, and great textures,

Recommended? - I think this one makes a great introduction to raw food as there is no need to invest in equipment you may not use again. Even with my less that powerful blender and food processor I had no problems with the recipes - though I did have to blend for longer and give the machine more breaks than stated. So, yes, I would recommend this one!

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janet @ the taste space said...

Thank you for your review. I picked up this cookbook but wasn't sure what to make first. The pistachio halva balls are now calling my name. :)