Monday, 11 November 2013

Book Review - Live Raw Around the World

This book is a good size, bright and cheerful with lots of colour photographs. It is a follow up to Live Raw, which I don't have and have not seen. Taste wise, the recipes I made were, on the whole, awesome -
Page 82 - Tapas Salad Picar
Refreshing and lifting. Little heat, some salt and sour, very nice combination.

Page 122 - Arugula and Pear Salad
Simple, but well balanced with bursts of sweetness from the pear.

Page 162 - Kale Tabouleh Salad
So good - you'll never miss the grains at all!

Page 188 - Adraki Gobi, Raw Style
First time using a dehydrator - loved the way the onions ended up. Very tasty - still with a little crunch.

Page 200 - Rice and Pineapple Salad
Using Parsnip rice! While a little dry this was very tasty, and very like rice.

However, other than taste wise there were a number of editing errors in the recipes. Ingredients were not listed in order used, and some left out of the list (for example Kale Tabbouleh Salad calls for a topping to be added and gives instructions for the topping but no ingredients). I also found recipes with sub-recipes a little confusing and not laid out in a manner in which made sense to me. There was no referral in the main ingredients list that an ingredient was actually a sub-recipe for example. I didn't make any of these more involved recipes as I didn't feel confident I would get the expected result, and didn't want to have to back track if things were out of order. I also noticed in some recipes that the heading style was inconsistent with other recipes so wasn't sure sometimes where things started and finished.

I am finding this review incredibly difficult to write. I like being able to say nice things about the books I cook from, and other than that the recipes in this one I made were tasty I am finding it difficult to say much more. Maybe if I just do a bullet list it'll be easier-

  • The book is called "Live Raw around the World"  (my emphasis) but really is Europe plus India and Thailand.
  • For my preference there are far too many pictures of the author and far too many mentions of how good she looks for her age and that she is the sexiest vegan over 50. She looks very good but mentioning it once is enough.
  • I find the introductory chapters, and the chapter introductions, too involved, somewhat irrelevant and a little repetitive. I never thought I'd find a books' introduction too long, but there you go.
  • The recipes were not well laid out (as mentioned above) and run into each other. It felt as if there weren't enough pages in the book so they were all crammed in. I would have preferred to have seen some of the introductory stuff cut and the recipes laid out more clearly if that were the case.
I did enjoy the recipes I made, very much so, and am happy to recommend the food in this book to anyone who is happy to look just for the delicious food, and is willing to take the time to really read the recipes first. 

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