Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Book Review - Green Smoothies for Every Season

This is a nice hard cover book, small and square, with the recipes grouped by season and one to a page. The grouping is done by the availability of the main ingredients. Each section has a decent sized introduction and looks in more detail at the season fruit and vegetables used in the recipes within the section.

The main introduction looks at the general benefits of green smoothies, the vitamins and minerals they can provide and gives hints for keeping them interesting. It touches on seasonality, and has a chapter on additional ingredients which can be added to smoothies if creating your own and that are used in some of the recipes in this book.

There are no pictures, but the recipes are green smoothies and likely look similar - not a big deal to me.

I tend to be a little same-old same-old when I make green smoothies, and am not a once-a-day drinker. It was nice to have a selection which was a little different, even though I did not make many of the smoothies. I made -

Page 49 - Luscious Lassi
Lovely and smooth, loaded with Mango flavour.

Page 51 - Strawberry Fields
Summertime in a glass - loved the strawberry / mint combination. Did add some sweetener as my bananas weren't overly so.

Page 81 - Just Peachy
A little like ice-cream in a glass this was a very smooth, mild, and sweet smoothie.

Page 100 - Superman
Though I used spinach instead of radish tops - so my smoothie was quite mild. I used more cinnamon than indicated but found it lovely.

The only thing I have that is a bit negative about this one is that it uses some ingredients I've never seen here in Canada. The author is Australian so will have easier access to things such as Tamarillos and Feijoas ( both of which are common in New Zealand so I know them).

Recommended - if you're a green smoothie fan and looking for new ideas - or just a newbie looking to get started this book will work for you.

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