Thursday, 24 October 2013

Product Review - Vega One Starter Kit

I was sent a Vega One Starter kit to try - came complete with a plastic bottle to drink it from, and a cool metal shaker thingy (like the end of a whisk but as a ball - no handle) with which to shake it all up in the bottle.

There is also an information brochure and some packets of shake mixes in different flavours. I tried them all - though using recipes of my own devising instead of the ones suggested. I've had Vega shakes in the past  and found them a little gritty with a funny after taste if had by themselves so knew I'd enjoy the shakes more if blended into a smoothie.

For the Chocolate Smoothie powder I added Peanut Butter, Dates, and Chocolate Soymilk. So, I created something which is maybe not the healthiest smoothie out there, but really good!

For the Vanilla Smoothie powder I added frozen Banana and Mango, with a touch of agave. This was super tasty and very much like a chilled milkshake!

For the Berry Smoothie powder I added frozen berries, half an avocado and some spinach leaves along with some agave. Couldn't tell the avocado or spinach was in there (though the purple colour was a little muted) and liked the creaminess from the avocado.

I found this time the taste / texture more pleasing, and noted that if I kept the smoothie overnight to have in the morning then the slight unpleasantness was not there, so if you have tried this in the past and noted the same - then try making the mix as a smoothie and a day in advance.

Recommended - yep, though as a blended drink for me please. Have you tried the Vega One starter kit? any other comments to make??

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