Monday, 7 October 2013

Book Review - The China Study Cookbook

OK, so I missed a few weeks - sorry. Though it was only because I was crazy busy cooking for, and then being a part of, the photo shoot for Vegan al Fresco. Will try to do better from here on.

This week we have The China Study Cookbook which bills itself as the "Official Companion to The China Study".  I did initially think this meant there would be recipes for dishes that you'd have seen the folks studied in the China Study eating, but once you get past the title page you realise this isn't the case - it is chock full of recipes which fit the conclusions of the China Study. (If you don't know about the China Study go here, or even better here.) Everything is vegan, low fat, and packed with nutrients.

The introduction is quite lengthy, which for a new vegan, or someone new to the results of the China Study would find very useful. It does go into some detail about the best options to include in your diet, and touches on the stuff you shouldn't have. The recipe chapters are logically organised, and the recipes are one to a page in most instances. The recipes are well laid out, come with timings, and in the most part are easy to follow. I think that for a book which is all about nutrition they could have done with including the nutritional analysis of the recipes as while this isn't a big deal for me I think that a number of readers would expect it. Most of the recipes have photos, and they are OK - look more like snapshots of the food than staged professional photos, so are not always the most attractive, but do give an accurate representation of the food they are illustrating.

The recipes I made -
Page 105 - Lemon Tahini Quinoa Salad
This was pretty good, but I'd leave the raw broccoli out next time - it didn't really seem to fit with everything else for my tastes.

Page 120 - Coconut Corn Chowder
I added extra corn as the amount as written didn't seem enough. Enjoyed this one, and H especially loved it.

Page 179 - Favourite Chili with Pasta
Nice for a change but not my favourite. Interesting to have over pasta.

Page 187 - Leek Pie
I liked the idea of this one - a rosti potato crust with a creamy leek filling - more than the execution. My crust was never crisp as I was expecting, but the flavours were pretty good.

Page 192 - Marsala's Chickpeas
I do love chickpeas! This was quite tasty, and nice over rice.

Recommended? If you're wanting to eat a very healthy vegan diet then yes, but if you're a little more about indulgence and have no problem with oil and sugar then you may not find this is for you.

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