Monday, 16 September 2013

Book Review - Easy Everyday Gluten-Free Cooking

This is a big book! The introduction contains loads of helpful information about being Gluten-free (though not from a vegan perspective) and looks at things ranging from ingredients to eating out and travelling whilst maintaining a GF diet. Handy stuff.

As this book is not vegan there were a large number of recipes which I couldn;t use unless I made loads of adjustments, so I chose some accidentally vegan ones, or those vegetarian ones which were easily made vegan to make. The other thing which meant I couldn't use many of the recipes is that a lot of the aking recipes call for a bread machine or stand mixer, neither of which I had. The one baking type recipe (the Pizza Crust - see below) I made I used a hand mixer for and it was an OK result, though I'm guessing not exactly as intended.

The recipes are all one per page, come loaded with tips, variations and hints, are easy to read and follow, and come with nutritional information (not that it interests me). There are picture inserts to illustrate a number of the recipes. Five of the chapters are baking, which is nice if you're interested in GF baking, but not so handy if you'd rather have main meal ideas. I would recommend this as a resource for GF folks, but maybe not vegan GF folks as lots of adjustments would have to be made to the recipes.

So, on to what I made -
Page 56 Garlic Bean Dip
Like a white bean hummus but with mayonnaise added, this was creamy and rich and very more-ish. We had with veggies.

Page 68 Sweet and Sour Dressing
More sweet than sweet and sour I didn't really enjoy this.

Page 74 Cranberry Orange Vinaigrette
Another one which was too sweet for me, even with the extra mustard it says to add if you don;t want it sweet. I did eat it as a salad dressing, but could have used as an ice-cream topper.

Page 108 Plain Pizza Crust
See comment above re using a hand mixer. This was quite nice though it wasn't crisp in the centre - maybe I under baked - but it was tasty/

Page 123 Scalloped Potatoes
Yummy savoury goodness. No non-dairy milk or anything, this was comfort food at its finest.

Page 125 Spinach Risotto
Simple and tasty this vegetable risotto was nothing extraordinary, but a very good comforting meal.

Page 132 Vegetable Cobbler
I wasn't entirely sure about the mix of veggies but the cobbler topping was super good. Comfort food again, but a nice variation on a stew.

Page 138 Lemon Jasmine Rice
Nice and bright with zip and tang from all the lemon zest and juice. Enjoyed very much.

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