Monday, 2 September 2013

Book Review - 175 Best Mini Pie Recipes

This is quite a large book, with a hefty introductory section about creating mini pies, and a guide to the techniques - complete with photos - explaining how to create the types of crusts used in the recipes. A nice resource.

The recipes are well laid out, one to a page, with many variations, tips and hints for each. Each recipe has a chatty introduction which is nice and friendly but not overly familiar. Easy to read and easy to use. There are photos other than the techniques guide and these are in one photo insert in the centre and show only a few recipes.

Nothing I made was too fiddly, and the crust was tasty, relatively easy to work with (see below) and all results were tasty!

There are a bunch of meat focused recipes so there is a chapter you'll have to skip, but besides that there are many options for vegan, and one purely vegan recipe.

The recipes I made -

Page 24 Gluten-free Pie Dough and Page 25 Vegan Pie Dough
I had to combine 2 crust recipes to get one that would work for me - the GF recipe is not vegan, and the vegan recipe is not GF so I used the GF recipe and subbed flax eggs for the egg yolks and vegan butter for the unsalted. The crust worked fine for me, though if I was going to use it on a regular basis I would tinker more as the first time it was too moist and stuck when rolling and the second time too dry and would crack. Anyway it did the trick.

Page 48 Vanilla Glaze
As part of the sweet pie I made - and the Coconut Variation. Super simple.

Page 130 Mango Apricot Mini Pocket Pies
This filling is delicious, and would be great over vanilla ice-cream!

Page298 Maple Orange Glazed Root Vegetable Galettes
Sweet roasted root vegetables in a cute crust. Elevates the presentation of dinner for sure! The filling would be worth making as a way to have the vegetables if you didn't want to take the time to make the crust.

Page 302 Spicy Jamaican Black Bean and Sweet Potato Pies
Nice filling - fragrant and spicy. I enjoyed these ones a lot, and would make again.

Page 304 Moroccan Chickpea Hand Pies
These may have been my favourites. The filling was spiced and savoury without being hot spicy and was very easy to eat.

So, in all, I think this is a handy book to have if you love pies! Many many recipes are vegan friendly (usually changing the dough and not using egg wash) so just because it is not a vegan book doesn't mean you wouldn't get use from it.

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