Saturday, 10 August 2013

New Facebook Page! and other news....

So, I've changed my FB page from one for each book to one for me as an author, simply because book #3 is being published in the Spring by Arsenal Pulp Press, who recently published Vegan Secret Supper (review here) and Gorilla Food (review here). I felt it would be easier to manage 1 page than neglect 3! You can "like" me here! (please do - I'm planning on having a give away of Vegan Bake Sale and Vegan Slow Cooking on the new page and here pretty soon)
The book is titled "Vegan al fresco", and as you may be able to guess is all about outdoor dining - picnics, barbecues, long sultry evenings on the patio, brunch on the balcony - with a strong summer focus. Very excited about this and will share more (like where to pre-order) once I have the information.
I've recently had some new author photos taken (which I will share some of on FB once they are available) and I'm scheduled for a food photo shoot for the book early September, which will be both fun and lots of work! (maybe I can get some candid shots from that experience to share too)
So that is what is new with me!

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