Monday, 19 August 2013

Book Review - The Vegan Cookbook

This is one of those bargain table cook books which don't actually have an author but are thrown together some-how from recipes from some-where. It is the first time I've seen one which is vegan, and it was a super bargain so I bought it!

The book itself is hard cover, has a photo for every recipe, and is better than I was expecting. There is not much of an introduction to speak of, and what there is is nothing new, or earth-shattering. Just a quick page blah blah about how popular veganism is becoming and why it is the best way to eat. There are much better introductions out there, but for a book I paid less than $8 for I shouldn't complain too much!

The chapters are logically grouped, but there are no chapter introductions or recipe introductions, or notes or hints of any kinds on any of the recipes. Luckily they are all pretty simple and straight forward so easy to follow and make out. There are recipes which are gluten-free but are not marked as such.

The recipes I made - page number order as usual.
Page 8. Green Apple and Kiwi Juice
Too much ginger for me, which overpowered the apple and kiwifruit. Also the lemon made it overall too sour.

Page 14. Apricot and Ginger Juice
Certainly ginger-y! OK, but the ginger was very dominant.

Page 20. Peanut Butter Muesli
Ended up quite subtly peanut butter flavoured. Not bad, but I would have liked more - and maybe the addition of some chopped nuts . dried fruit. Easy to make.

Page 56. Raw Cashew Hummus
Nice dip, not very hummus-like though. Needed a little more tahini for that. Good with vegetables to dip.

Page 64. Sweet Potato Fries
Simple, and very tasty. Similar to recipes I've had before.

Page 78. Sweet Potato Soup
Nice, though again a little heavy on the ginger. I would have liked a little more red curry paste as this was very subtle - but that is just a personal preference.

Page 82. Maple Glazed Tofu Salad
Lovely and sweet, sticky tofu, which was a little one-note. Could have done with a little more soy sauce for balance (or maybe some ginger to counteract the sweet).

Page 138. Teriyaki Tofu Noodles
Not bad, though a little bland - the sauce didn't really pop with any specific flavour,and the tofu would have been better if it had been marinated a little first.

Page 144. Chickpea and Cashew Nut Curry
Again a little bland, a very very mild korma type curry. H loved it more than I did.

Page 152. Thai Red Curry
More red curry paste would have been great, but I did enjoy this a lot as the vegetables were bright and the sauce creamy. Nice.

Page 186. Coconut Rice Pudding
Thck and rich, with aromatic spices, this was a nice rice pud, hot and cold!

All in all for a bargain table book this wasn't bad! I may not use it often but it was worth the purchase.

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