Monday, 22 July 2013

Book Review - Mouthwatering Vegan

Mouthwatering Vegan is a good sized book, packed with loads of colour photographs (not one per recipe but pretty close). The recipes are mainly set out one per page, are easy to read and follow, nicely yet simply introduced, and logically grouped into chapters. The introduction does give equipment and ingredients hints, though is not overly long or involved. There is a nice chapter at the end touching on why Vegan is the best way to go - not sure why this wasn't at the front as part of the introductory section.

Now, this is completely a personal taste preference thing, but the one thing I did find off putting about this book (for me) is that there are loads of recipes using eggplant. Eggplant for me is the vegetable-of-death, and I am really not a fan so there were quite a few recipes I completely skipped over because of the inclusion of this ingredient. As the recipes are largely Mediterranean in focus it is not surprising that eggplant features heavily, but I just don't like it!

The recipes I made -
Page 13 - Blood Purifier Juice
Lovely, sweet and grounding (from the beet). Beautiful vibrant colour, and quite filling.

Page 25 - My Greek Family Tree Hummus
Hummus is a favourite so what's not to love! Made using a slightly different method but it ends up as tasty hummus all the same.

Page 50 - Easy Spinach, Lime and Ginger Soup
I used frozen spinach as I had some in the freezer. I'd not have thought of ginger and lime with spinach but the combination works really well, the soup is tasty and filling.

Page 57 - Creamy Coconut Broccoli Soup
I didn't add all the additional water called for as I wanted this a little thick. The broccoli/coconut combination is a lovely one, enjoyed very much.

Page 63 - Mixed Lettuce Salad with Strawberries, Pear and Basil
Nice combination of flavours, I like the addition of fruit - though there was way too much dressing for me.

Page 65 - Cherry Tomato, Chickpea and Orange Pepper Salad
Too much raw red onion in this for us, otherwise very tasty and nice combination - would make again with less onion!

Page 80 - Spinach Basil and Arugula Pesto Pasta with Curried Vine Tomatoes
Pesto was lovely, rich and green and really good on the pasta. I didn't feel so much that the curried tomatoes were a good match in flavours, but they were delicious by themselves. The pesto is an awesome way to get a bunch of greens used up!

Page 232 - Chocoholics Cheesecake
Not a high as the picture and I used the right sized pan - maybe a smaller one would have been better. This tasted luscious, not too sweet but intensely chocolate-ly. Rave reviews from all who tried it!

Recommended - yep, even if you don't like eggplant! The recipes I tried were all yummy, won approval from H and were easy to make and not overly time consuming. If you are an eggplant lover, then even more recipes for you to try!

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