Monday, 15 July 2013

Book Review - The Complete Idiot's Guide to Juice Fasting

A juice fast was never something I thought I'd see myself do. I thought it would be too extreme, too hard and just too weird. Now, having done one, I'd like to do more, and maybe for longer - this book made it seem so simple, so do-able and so normal, healthy and desirable, even that I wanted to get it done as soon as I finished reading! However it doesn't work like that, you have to plan! A one day juice fast is actually a 5 day programme, who knew? not me prior to reading this book.

For a 1 day fast you have 2 days prior of eating raw vegan meals gradually increasing more liquid meals by way of smoothies and juice, then one day of just juices, and then 2 days gradually re-introducing raw vegan foods (the prior 2 days in reverse almost). I followed the menu plan on pages 28 and 29 in the book, and found that these were really generous food wise and I was not hungry at all, except for a little on the actual juice day (which was also a day I worked so maybe not the best of planning there).

The only thing which would put me off doing a fast again would be the cost of all the produce, and having to find somewhere to put it all in my little house. I think I'll make time and allocate funds for later in the summer as I really did feel great during and after. The only other thing slightly negative, and this may just be a psychological thing, is that on the day I was actually only doing juice is that I missed having something to chew. Next time I'd be more prepared.

The book is a real how to and in the non-recipe chapters takes you though everything juice fasting. The benefits, looking at weight loss and cleansing / detoxing, short and long term juice fasts - including menu plans for all lengths of fast. These chapters are easy to follow and understand, and in the way Idiot's Guides are, a little repetitive. Then there are the recipe chapters - one on raw foods for the before and after, then 5 on different types of juice. The chapters are split logically and the recipes themselves are well laid out, easy to follow, and come with lots of additional facts and hints. There are no pictures.

The recipes from the book which I made (some more than once due to the menu plan I was following) -
Page 96 - Green Smoothie
Sweet and rich. No green-y taste.

Page 97 - Berry Smoothie
Rich and creamy without a banana in sight.

Page 99 - Raw Spinach Soup
Nice and refreshing, light and very tasty.

Page 100 - Creamy Kale Soup
So very good! Creamy and delicious.

Page 102 - Super Mixed Green Salad
Salad with a dressing. Nothing extra special here.

Page 103 - Avocado Kale Salad
Nice massaged Kale salad. Needed a little spice for me so I added some cumin.

Page 104 - Raw Waldorf Salad
Loved this one. Really very good, though on the sweet side.

Page 107 - No Bean Raw Hummus
A zucchini based hummus, which I do like.

Page 110 - Pineapple Grape Ginger Juice
Not the most successful of my juices. My pineapple didn't juice well but sort of turned to mush in the machine.

Page 112 - Apple Pear Lemon Juice
Really liked this juice. Refreshing and tart, yet sweet.

Page 132 - Carrot Apple Lemon Juice
Simple and refreshing. A nice combination.

Page 137 - Cucumber Beet Carrot Juice
Sweet from the root ege, yet lightened by the cucumber.

Page 141 - Apple Gingre Parsley Carrot Juice
A little medicinal-y sort of. Maybe my least favourite.

Page 145 - Celery Green Apple Spinach Juice
Brightly green, super refreshing and my favourite of the whole experience! I didn'
t expect it to be so was pleasantly surprised.

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Karen Faivre said...

That all sounds rather delicious and cleansing. Perhaps I'll have to give that book a look!