Monday, 1 July 2013

Book Review - The Big Book of Gluten-Free Recipes

This time instead of looking through a book of vegan recipes to pick out the naturally gluten-free ones (or easily gluten-free-able ones) I was looking through to pick out naturally vegan recipes! So if you're gluten-free and get this book you'll be needing to skip the meat and seafood chapters entirely just as I did!

The first chapter of this book is all bot being and eating gluten-free, it gives hints, suggestions and resources, and while not exhaustive is a good place to start. The recipes are grouped logically into chapters, and while not all one a page are well spaced, nicely introduced and loaded with hints, variations, and information about ingredients used. There are no pictures.

My only real gripe (apart from that I'd have preferred the whole book to be vegan!!) is that there are quite a number of slow cooker recipes scattered throughout the book and I would have liked to have seen these indicated in some way. I got tripped up by choosing a recipe which, upon a proper read, was actually a slow cooker recipe, which hadn't been indicated in the title or with an icon or anything. I made something else as it was too late at that point to get the slow cooker going.

The recipes I made -
Page 90 Avocado White Bean Hummus
So very very good. I've made it twice! Though the second time I played with the spices.

Page 106 Guacamole
Nice and basic but good guac.

Page 148 Apple Cranberry Walnut and Spinach Salad
Simple and tasty. I had to sub agave for the honey.

Page 156 Thick and Rich Cream of Broccoli Soup
I left out the ham, and subbed for the cream, chicken stock and butter, and really enjoyed this soup! It was thick and rich as promised and very broccoli intense.

Page 180 Spicy Vegetarian Chili
I didn't make it super spicy because of my daughter, but enjoyed this chili. She wasn't super keen on the mushrooms but I liked that addition.

Page 339 Warm Chickpea Salad with Spinach
Not really a salad as the spinach does get cooked, but tasty all the same. Nice gentle curry flavour.

Page 405 Three Bean Salad
This was a nice bean salad. Even better the next day.

This is a big book, as the title says, and if you're buying for a GF friend then it makes a good buy as there are a large number of vegan, or easily made vegan, recipes inside which could then be made for you!!

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