Monday, 8 July 2013

Book Review - Annelie's Raw Food Power

Almost like a diary (with recipes) outlining the authors journey in the Costa Rican jungle this is a nice book. There are lots of colourful pictures, mostly of the food, but with a few (on the diary-esque pages so they feel like they belong and are not out of place) life style shots, all in colour and all tempting! It is nicely laid out, logically grouped into chapters and each recipe is easy to read and follow. There are some ingredients I don't have easy access to (so obviously didn't attempt those recipes) and some call for equipment I don't have (like a dehydrator) but that is not unusual for a raw food book. Where unusual ingredients are used they are often accompanied by an explanation which is nice.

The recipes I made
Page 23 - Cheesecake for Breakfast
Not too sweet and totally delicious! A little time consuming so you'd have to plan for it. Creamy and smooth (though that took a while with my blender) and so yummy. Could be dessert too if you wanted.

Page 47 Dressing only from the Super Seaweed Salad
served over mixed greens. Lovely dressing though I used agave not honey.

Page 54 Quinoa Sprouts, Avocado and Tomato Marinara Wraps
I love quinoa sprouts, the crunch and subtle nutty-ness so really enjoyed this recipe.

Page 57 Cucumber and Mint Soup
Refreshing, not overly cucumber-y just smooth, cool and really good.

Page 82 Adi's Amazing Raw Zucchini Hummus
Amazing indeed. Just like hummus. I've made hummus like this before and enjoyed it so felt sure I'd like this version.

Page 86 Marinara Sauce from the Raw Pizza (for the Quinoa Sprout Wraps)
Very easy to make, very tomato-y and good. If I had a dehydrator I'd make the pizza!

Page 95 Quick Raw Tomato Soup
OK, enjoyed the other soup better, and think this would have been more to my taste with more texture instead of blended smooth.

Page 96 Guacamole
Simple and good.

Page 105 Wild Green Salad with Citrus Tahini Dressing
I liked the dressing though H wasn't really a fan.

I did like this book a lot, and will revisit to make more recipes. Maybe I can talk Santa into a dehydrator this coming Christmas....


janet @ the taste space said...

Nice. Will totally try that hummus. I wasn't sure about my dehydrator, but brought it for my new move. Lots of fun things to do with it :-)

Celsa said...