Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Book Review - Animal Camp

Not a recipe book so I'm not using up a Book Review Monday space for it. In case you were wondering why this was on a Wednesday!

I loved this book. It made me cry, and laugh. It is both uplifting and enlightening, and a little upsetting all at the same time. It doesn't preach, but just tells you stories and lets you come to the views outlined in parts gently and on your own. While some of the scenes described are cruel and heart breaking the focus is not on the cruelty, but on the response to the cruelty, and the determination to recover from such events when there is love and joy freely given (along with medical care and proper food!).

The book is a collection of essays looking at the animals and people, and their interactions (but mainly the stories are the animals' stories), of the Catskill Animal Sanctuary in upstate New York. They are well written,   easy to read, and make the animals' personalities really shine.

A book to give to everyone and anyone, vegan or not, as I think everyone can take something away from this and be changed as a person. Maybe even changed to a more compassionate, and maybe even newly vegan, person.

Worth the read.

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