Monday, 10 June 2013

Book Review - Power Vegan

This is more than a recipe book, it is a well written guide to a healthy active lifestyle. More active than I am most of the time truth be told!

The book is pretty big on self assessment - thinking about the food you eat, why you eat it, how it makes you feel, what the barriers are to your eating better, to exercising, to being the best you you can be, and the answers are more like a guide to finding the answers for you yourself. I think the author really gets that everyone is unique and that there is no one size fits all diet / eating style / exercise regime etc. I like this about this book.

I like too how it isn't preachy, and doesn't make the reader feel bad if they perhaps are not eating a vegan diet (yet) or perhaps have a vegan diet which is less than perfectly healthy. There is lots of nutritional information presented, and while many long term vegans know a lot of this stuff, it is presented in an easily accessible way for those who may be new to the information, or need a refresher.

I did like this book, and will read it again I am sure - as I found the points touched on and explored to be relevant to my life, and I think, relevant to everyone's lives. Everyone who is trying to eat more healthily, or exercise more, or whatever.

Towards the rear of the book there are some healthful recipes, the ones I tried noted below, and there are also a series of exercises, none of which I tried as they all seem a little beyond me. I'm more of a walk everywhere sort of exerciser. However, if you are athletically inclined, or wish to be, then these exercises, which are all illustrated with photographs showing the correct technique, will be a handy guide for you.

The recipes I tried -
Page 195 Basil Hummus
Nice hummus variation. Not low fat if you're a low fat eater, but very tasty. I served with crudite and the whole bowl disappeared very quickly.

Page 196 Black Bean Quesadillas
This was OK. I think I put too much bean and tomato mix in my quesadillas as they didn't hold together well.  I also used a brown rice tortilla which fell apart a little too. Taste was good.

Page 197 Chickpea Red Pepper Salad
Very simple - so much so that you'd wonder how this could taste good, but it does. Really good.

Page 207 Mac and Cheese
A little disappointing. Not super creamy or rich like some vegan mac and cheeses I've had.

Page 209 Power Chili
Liked this one a lot. So did my younger daughter (I omitted some of the spice) scooping it up with nacho chips. Made a great dinner.

Page 215 Sweet Potato Fries
One of my favourites from this book. Really very good - loaded with flavour and interesting texture.

Page 220 Almond and Sunflower Seed Granola
A simple granola. Easy to make. I added some dried cranberries to mine, to increase the interest.

Page 229 Chocolate Greens Smoothie
Like a big old chocolate milkshake. Really good.

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