Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Product Review - Vejibag

While I was sent a vejibag to try out I wouldn't be here telling you I love it, if I didn't love it, and I do.

It claims to prevent slimy veggies so I put it to the test with the veggies which ALWAYS go slimy for me very quickly, I'm talking within days, cilantro and green onions. Now, I know its not normal, but I have had a bunch of cilantro in my vejibag in the crisper of my fridge for 2 weeks now, and while looking a little worse for wear, as you'd expect, the cilantro is not slimy! I am more than impressed, and am more than happy to heartily recommend the vejibag to everyone I meet!

While not super cheap the vejibag is crafted by hand by women in Maine using organic cotton grown in the US, and is a quality product - lovely feel to it and nice workmanship.

Check out the site for vejibag to read and learn more.

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