Monday, 15 April 2013

Book Review - Gardening for Geeks

A little out of my usual zone for books to review, but when I was offered this one I thought, why not?

I don't have a garden, would dearly love a garden, but living in a town house complex with by-laws which forbid them, that isn't happening soon unless we win the lottery! However, I grew up in houses which always had gardens, Mum and Dad always grew loads of the stuff we ate; in fact all my sisters I recently visited on holiday had gardens so growing up with them must have rubbed off!

If I were to be in a position to create a garden I would use this book as my reference bible I think as it contains loads of information, and all relevant. The book covers starting from scratch (building the beds even), planting; including what are good options to choose to grown, and looking after your garden once established.  It offers ways to compost, have a worm farm (their poop is awesome apparently), and get the most out of your garden space - however spacious or otherwise it may be. I really liked the holistic, natural and organic approach to pests and co-planting, and how the ideals of sustainable micro-horticulture is a theme throughout the whole book.

There are a few simple produce recipes in this too - 8 in total! Of these I made 3 so I could include in this review (again photo-less).
Page 187 Garlicky Greens with toasted Sesame Oil
I used a combination of spinach and arugula. Simple, and so fast to throw together. Nice and garlicky too!

Page 191 Sesame Roasted Radishes
My new favourite way to have radishes! I'm not a fan of them raw and generally will roast them, but this Asian-y way of roasting them is a little different to how I'd normally do it and really makes them delicious!

Page 192 Crispy (addictive) Kale Chips
A simple kale chip recipe, and very good. I did have to cook mine for about 3 times the time stated to get them crispy though (may just be my oven!)

Recommended if you're a gardener!

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