Monday, 18 March 2013

Book Review - Vegan Pie in the Sky

Not a new book, but a new to me one.
I didn't make loads of recipes, because really, there is only so much sweet pie you can eat without feeling like a complete glutton. And there are far too many choices which appealed to me, and if I'd kept making I would have kept eating and well, not good all round really.

As you could imagine this book is packed with treats! Appealing, delicious looking treats. There are photos of a large number of them, which will be liked by those folks who need to see the end result of a recipe, and the recipes are laid out 1 to a page, in logical chapters with nice introductions. A pretty well laid out book.

There is a quite large introductory section, which looks at everything pie. From looking at ingredients, to equipment used, to types of pies, to basic instructions in how to make the crusts, and decorate the tops and edges there is a lot of helpful information. These sections are worth the read.

The recipes give options for a wide range of pies, from fruit to chocolate. A large number of the creamy pies do use soaked and blended nuts to achieve the creaminess, but then a number of them do use tofu as well. There will be something for everyone in this collection. I made -

Page 52 Press-in Almond Crust (GF version)
A nice basic crust which I liked, and found easy to make.

Page 87 Very Berry Chocolate Chip Cobbler
I used an all purpose gf flour instead of the regular all pupose flour as listed - worked fine. I don't know if the chocolate chips were absolutely necessary in this recipe as it would have been super tasty without them.

Page 108 Coconut Cream Pie
Nice. Very coconutty and smooth.

Page 193 Chocolate Mousse Tart
Simple and tasty. A standard version of a chocolate filling but nice.

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