Monday, 11 March 2013

Book Review - The Healthy Green Drink Diet

A very attractive, square, hard cover book, printed on glossy paper, with loads of photos, (at least 1 per recipe) both of produce and the drinks made from the produce, this book will certainly appeal to those you like to see the recipes!

There is a large introductory section, which covers a huge range of information relating to both blending and juicing - including a comparison of the two. There are chapters looking at the benefits of green vegetables, in general, and specifically each green in turn, which is handy information to have. This section is quite comprehensive. The introductory parts then go on to look at fruit and other ingredients used, and the benefits they bring. There is a chapter on buying and storing produce, and one on equipment for getting the most out of the recipes. From having not made some of the recipe due to my not thinking my blender could handle it I do agree that for some of the smoothie recipes a high powered blender is required (if you're being asked to blend carrots until smooth you need power! and mine doesn't have it)

The recipe section is split into two, one for smoothies and one for juices. I did make recipes from each. The recipes are well laid out, one to a page, with a photo as I said above. There is a nice introduction for each, a little cutesy (as are the recipe names) but light hearted is not a bad thing. The Smoothie section has something to suit every taste - especially if you have a high speed blender and your choices are not limited to what your machine can handle! From the smoothie section I made -
Page 89 Dumpkin Pie
I found this to be overly pumpkin-y until I added a bunch more cinnamon and maple syrup than called for. I then got the wonderful pumpkin pie flavour and balanced taste I expected, adjusting to personal taste is always to be expected though.

Page 95 Liquidate
Loved this one, sweet from the dates, a touch of bitter but nothing too much, and filling too.

Page 107 Lettuce Rock
Nice balance in this one, the taste is quite fruity and sweet with a hint of the bitter and sour.

The Juice section has a range too, from the sweeter more introductory green juices to the full-on no fruit at all juices later in the chapter. I kept it pretty save and sweet in the ones I tried -
Page 119 Red Queen
Make sure you mix up the juice before you drink it! Cabbage juice by itself is not great - but when mixed it added a back note to this one which worked. I loved this juice.

Page 121 Beetle Juice
Sweet and earthy this one was nice too.

Page 135 Ginger Snap
Possibly my very favourite. While bright green this does taste just like gingerbread - sweet from the grapes, sharp from the ginger with a hint of the fennel it works very well.

Recommended? Yes, more so if you have a high powered blender and a good juicer to get the most from the recipes. More suited to someone who knows they like green smoothies and juices and wants to make them at home. The true novice may be a little hesitant about some of the combinations, really when they shouldn't be - you can always just add a little more fruit or a date or two if you need to. Will revisit some of the other recipes for sure.

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