Monday, 18 February 2013

Book Review - Green Smoothie Joy

On first read I thought this was a bit of a weird title - but reading through the book, and having made recipes from it, I feel it is quite apt. The book is packed with information and recipes to allow you to bring the joy of green smoothies to your own life. Corny for sure, but true.

This book is not vegan, though every recipe is very easily made so by simply replacing any dairy called for with non-dairy alternatives, and using agave in place of honey. Most of the ingredients called for, as you would expect, are fruits and vegetables.

In the substantial introductory sections you're taken through pretty much everything you need to know as a background to making your own smoothies at home. Touched on is the benefits of smoothies, the differences between juices and smoothies (fibre mainly), equipment needed, tips and hints to making smoothies perfect for you, and of course, lots of information about the ingredients used and the benefits they bring. I found these sections interesting reading.

The recipes are broken down into a series of chapters with themes grouping them together - for example one that use fresh juices in the smoothies, ones which are mostly fruit, extra filling "meal" smoothies, and treat smoothies (no green in these). Makes sense, and I tried to try one from each chapter.

Believe me, for the recipes in this book you do not need a high powered blender (though I'm sure it would help). I don't have one, (though would love one if anyone wants one tested!) and had no problem making any of the following recipes I tried. I did have to ensure I blended for long enough to get a smooth consistency, but this was no biggie. Onto the recipes I made...

Page 63 Pear Delicious Green Smoothie
My pears were very ripe and had that sort of gritty quality pears sometimes get. This unfortunately didn't blend out so my smoothie tasted a little gritty too. The overwhelming taste in this for me was the cilantro, which I found too much until I added a little sweetener and it was better (for my tastes).

Page 88 Mint Chocolate Chip Green Smoothie
I liked this one a lot. It was thick, refreshingly minty, with hints of the cocoa. I did add some sweetener as I found I liked it better that way.

Page 122 Body Boosting Green Smoothie
This one was lovely. A beautiful rich red colour (from the beet), thick and very creamy. I added some sweetener (yes, again) to counteract the intense earthiness from the beet.

Page 138 Coco Mango Smoothie
Fruity and sweet. No greens in this one, but I imagine you could for sure. Yum.

Page 156 Strawberry Cream Green Smoothie
This one tasted completely of strawberries and bananas - you'd never know there was greens in this if you drank it blindfolded. Very good.

Page 157 Coffee and Almond Breakfast Smoothie
This was good too - not too intensely coffee flavoured but nicely balanced.

Page 165 Creamy Peanut Butter Berry Smoothie
Another non-green one, but very tasty. Not too much of a peanut butter flavour, so I'd maybe put more in if you are specifically looking for that.

If you're interested in smoothies, and looking for recipes to introduce green smoothies to your diet then you can't really go wrong with this book. There are interesting flavour combinations which you can adjust to personal taste, and lots of information too.

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