Monday, 3 December 2012

Book Review - Vegan Food Gifts

Such a cute book, and such a good idea! The book itself would make a cool gift, and is full of things you can make to give as gifts! Who knew Joni was so creative and crafty with things other than food!

The book is loaded with lovely pictures, drawings, and things to copy and use to make the gifts you give even cuter. Each project recipe has an indication as to how hard it is, how much it costs, and whether or not it is fast to make - all handy things to know before you contemplate making anything.

The first chapter is all about packaging - things you can make to present your gifts, from the very simple to the more involved. I made nothing from the chapter as I was not giving away anything I made - for the purposes of checking out this book I wanted to consume what I made (because of that I did make part portions of most of the recipes). This chapter is a good reference point for anything you'd like to package.

The other chapters are logical, all the recipes are well laid out, easy to read and follow, and give good instructions for presentations for gifting the results. In the canning chapter there is a wonderful pictorial "how to" guide for newbies. This makes the process seem a lot less scary, even though I did not can anything for this review.

Recommended for anyone who wants to share the vegan love with family and friends!

The recipes I made -
Page 59 - Choconut Mounds
(below) This was too hot to roll immediately as instructed. I also had to add more chocolate to melt so the balls would hold together. The taste of these was divine! I did use the optional nuts and that contrast in texture was lovely.

Page 63 - Peanut Butter Balls
(above) Very tasty, and super easy. If you love peanut butter, you'll love this recipe.

Page 71 - Candied Nuts
I made the Sweet spice blend, and this was a nice mix. Quick to make and a pleasing result.

Page 75 - Groovy Granola
I made the snack version, but ate it with soy milk for breakfast. I did over cook it a touch, but that is my error not the recipes! Nice result.

Page 101 - Instant Macaroni and Cheese Mix
I make something similar (Dry Chees-y Mix from Quick and Easy Vegan Slow Cooking) so thought I would enjoy this, and did. Quick to make.

Page 103 - TVP Taco Meat Mix
Super fast, very tasty - I added beans and tomatoes to make a chili with the reconstituted mix.

Page 122 - Italian-Spiced Parm-y Sprinkles
Served with pasta topped with the sauce (next). very easy to make and adds a nice flavour and texture lift.

Page 123 - Sun-dried Tomato, Basil, and Garlic Pasta and Pizza Sauce
I left mine chunky for on pasta. Vibrant flavours, easy to make, super winner.

Page 127 - Tofu Jerky
This one is really time consuming, so you need to plan in advance. Te end result is tasty, chewy, and worth the wait.

Page 156 - Spinach Artichoke Walnut Pesto
The sun-dried tomato adds a lovely touch to this. It is loaded with spinach so a very vibrant green. Nice with pasta or spread on toast.

Page 157 - Coconut Simmer Sauce
I added more coconut milk to my sauce after adding the veggies to make it a little saucier, the taste was still intense and "curry-y" so that is good to know.

Page 167 - Orange Simple Syrup
Very sweet, so needs a lot of dilution for my tastes. Nice orange flavour though, and very easy to make, even if it takes a little while.

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I've asked for this book for Christmas so that by next year I'll be so ready to give all the gifts!!

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