Monday, 31 December 2012

Book Review - Petite Treats

While not vegan there are a number of vegan, accidentally and on purpose, and vegan friendly recipes in this book for tiny dessert treats, and this is the time of year where tiny dessert treats are welcome - so you can have a little treat after a big meal!

I made the following recipes and sent them to school with the girls last week for their holiday / end of school parties. I only got positive feedback about them all, and you know how demanding kids can be about treats! -

Page 21 Blueberry-Lavender Scookies
Though my blueberries were frozen solid so I used raisins, and left out the lavender as they were for a party at R's class. I also do not have a mini scone tray so just made dropped scones on a sheet. All worked fine.

Page 58 Green Tea-Pomegranate Cupcakes
Only the cupcakes though, not the icing as that is not vegan. Worked well though I overcooked a touch. The kids didn't notice they were green tea.

Page 63 Red Velvet Yippie Pies
I don't have a whoopie pie pan so I made these as cupcakes too. Easy to make, very vibrantly coloured, and a real favourite with M's class.

Page 132 Very Best Buttercream
Creamy and smooth - used on both the Green Tea and Red Velvet cuppers above. Also along with the next recipe on R's birthday cake.

Page 133 Extra Special Frosting
Used for R's birthday cake earlier in the month, one of the girls at the party thought the cake tasted like a cinnamon bun due to this frosting. Very very sweet and rich, but very good.

The following recipes which I did not make are also vegan friendly. Weirdly they are not all marked as such which is a bit of an oversight seeing as some of the recipes are -
Page 50 Chocolate Stout Cupcakes; only the cupcake if you use vegan stout - the icing is not vegan.
Page 55 Fauxstess Cupcakes; If you use vegan milk, butter and marshmallow fluff.
Page 60 Pistachio -Rosewater Yippie Pies; Mini Cookie sandwiches with pistachios.
Page 75 Vegan Sprinkled Donuts; You'll need a mini donut pan for this one.
Page 89 Perfect Pie Crust; Just replace the butter.
Page 93 Black Berry Lime Meringue Pie; If you leave off the meringue that is.
Page 96 Apple Pie Cookies; Like a bite size apple pie.
Page 113 Cannoli; Stuffed cookie shells, mmmmm.
Page 134 Classic Struesel; For any of your baked goods.

I got a few photos sent to me from the publisher of this one - showing some of the vegan friendly items in the official photos - take a look at these...

So, while there aren't loads and loads of vegan options there are a good smattering, and many of the other recipes just need an egg or dairy replacing, so pick this one up for a non vegan friend as a not threatening intro to vegan baking (and so they can bake the vegan treats for you!!).

Oh, and have a happy, and safe, New Year everyone!

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