Monday, 24 December 2012

Book Review - Diet for a New America

The 25th Anniversary Edition - by John Robbins
A little bit late now for you to run out and get a copy under your tree, but, if Santa brings you a gift card for a book store, or for Amazon, then I would recommend you add this to your list, especially if you've never read the original book. I have read this before, and am pleased to now have a copy to refer back to at will.

This is a book to have stood the test of time, being as relevant now as it was when first published - yes there have been great strides taken but there is still a journey to take! I was actually a little surprised how relevant the facts in the book were - as relevant now as they were 25 years ago. That makes me a little sad really - that larger strides haven't been taken.

The tone of the book is always full of hope, up beat and positive, and while the subject matter (especially in the first section which looks at the horrors inflicted on food animals in the US) is sometimes hard to read, the tone is never defeatist or negative. John Robbins writes with a huge amount of compassion, charm and wit, making the book an enjoyable, (though sometimes emotional) read. The message you take away is that nothing is impossible, and that, yes, as an individual your choices do make a difference.

There is a new epilogue chapter to the book, which revisits some of the changes that have occurred since the initial publication and touches largely on global warming, a phenomenon which wasn't as well known then, but is now another compelling reason for eating less (or no!) meat.

Diet for a New America is a book to have on your shelf so when you get the "does it really matter" "am I really making a difference" blahs which I think strike everyone every now and then, you can pull it out to re-read and be recommitted to the path you have chosen which ultimately is better for you, your family and community, the environment, the world and all living things.

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