Thursday, 1 November 2012

Thinking ahead -

I have been pondering the shape this blog will take in 2013.

I would like to continue with reviewing vegan cook books which come my way, but am thinking I will make fewer recipes from each book so it doesn't become the all-consuming "making other people's food exclusively" that it has been in 2012, as I do feel I haven't been all that creative recently.

I am also conscious of now that I am working more or less full time, taking the time to blog really creatively is not going to happen, and doing the reviews has allowed (and will continue to allow) me to continue without adding additional stress which trying to be creative when I am tired would bring.

I would like to share recipes I already have next year too - recipes which have been through testing but for whatever reason have not made it into a book. This would include baking recipes, slow cooker recipes, and recipes from other testings.

For 2013 I am thinking to have a "recipe of the week" blog post on the same day each week (Monday maybe?) which would feature a fully tested recipe (hopefully with a picture!) to share, and alongside that, but less frequently, depending on what I get sent to review when, book reviews where I make only 5 recipes from each book.

Comments please!


Candy Beans said...

I like the idea of a recipe of the week! I really enjoy your blog and will keep reading, whatever direction you take.

Susanne Drazic said...

Recipe of the week sounds like a great idea!