Monday, 5 November 2012

Book Review - 150 best Indian, Thai, Vietnamese & more Slow Cooker recipes.

Not a vegan book, and truth be told, one I was sent ages ago to review (apologies!!) but I didn't feel like getting my slow cooker out before now. See, having written a book of slow cooker recipes myself (Quick and Easy Vegan Slow Cooking) I was a little "slow-cookered out" and needed to work back up to feeling like using it again! While the book is not vegan there are a large number of recipes in this book which are vegan friendly - and most are marked as such - the ones you don't need to make substitutions for that is. Many many more would need a sub of some sort (sometimes as simple as replacing butter) but in the spirit of ease of use I stuck to those which were vegan already. I also didn't make as many recipes from this book as I usually do for my reviews - again that being "slow-cookered out" thing, so I do apologise for that. I also must apologise for not many photos - I had a hugely busy week last week and getting food on the table was enough challenge without remembering to photograph it first.

All that said, this book has a photo insert showing both completed dishes and some arrays of spices and such, and like all the books I've seen in the "best" series from this publisher the recipes are clearly laid out, easy to follow, replete with hints and tips, though with no recipe or chapter introductions. There is an initial "how to use your slow cooker" section, but it is quite short and touches on non-vegan stuff which is of no interest to me.

If you are either a super curry fan, or a super slow cooker fan, looking for more recipes then you'd likely enjoy this book - especially if you are open to experimenting with subs for the non-vegan recipes.

The recipes I tried -
Page 126 Bombay Aloo
I found there was way too much liquid in this, and while the results were flavourful, the potatoes tender and delicious I did have to scoop them from the liquid to serve over rice.

Page 129 Mushroom and Tomato Chutney
Quite a lot of pre-slow cooker sautéing in this one, but it was very good - if (again) a little too liquidy for my preferences. I added some arugula to up the green quotient prior to serving to have alongside potatoes.

Page 130 Sweet Potato Curry
This was the only recipe I made which can be considered a "dump and turn on" style slow cooker recipe, and to be honest was my least favourite. I enjoyed it more after I pureed it and turned it into a creamy soup!

Page 133 Cauliflower Curry
My favourite of the ones I made, also the last, so I did actually add less liquid than specified as I had figured out that I would have to by then. Cauliflower was tender, as were the chickpeas, enrobed in a rich tomato and pepper sauce.

Page 139 Cambodian Vegetable Curry
Nice enough, though a more aromatic and fragrant than hot curry. Nice with rice, or by itself, as it was quite filling, and again, a little too liquid for my preference.

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Candy Beans said...

It's an intriguing premise. I don't use my slow cooker as much as I'd like, but I think that'll change during the winter.

I am a super curry lover. I'll probably check the library for it. Thanks for reviewing it.