Monday, 29 October 2012

Review follow up - Return to Chomp

I blogged a review of Chomp Vegan Eatery a wee while ago, and since then we have been back a number of times - mainly at the request of the children, both of whom love the kids pizza (one likes the kids grilled cheese too), so I thought I would share those experiences with you as well. Nice to support a local-ish vegan business and all that. We go at weird off peak times (like 4pm for dinner before racing off to dance or something else) so the restaurant is usually quiet, but we were there once a little later and all the tables were full.

All my comments on my previous post re d├ęcor, cleanliness and service still apply, its just that I have tried more of the food options since then and would like to comment on those. I have made it a point to get something different each time we go so I could do this. I have found that while the serving sizes do not look large, they are a perfect fill up the belly size - maybe, like many people, I am conditioned to see a huge serving size as standard! So, what have I tried from Chomp's menu?

Creamy Caesar Salad -
Tangy dressing, crisp lettuce and crunchy GF bread cubes. I asked, and the dressing is Vegenaise based so I must try to re-create at home. I would happily have drunk the stuff!

Grilled Cheese Madness -
This combo sounds strange (pear on a grilled cheese??) but is so yummy. The flavours really do work together well. I really really liked this sandwich, and the side of tasty coleslaw which came along with it

Full-afel -
This is a lovely wrap, maybe a little heavy on the raw red onion if you are sensitive to that sort of thing (I'm not but my Mum is which is why I mention it), with a lovely creamy sauce, and tasty falafel patty. A little messy to eat, as is often the case with loaded wraps.

Mac'n'Cheesy -
Hearty and warming comfort food at its best. Easily a dish you can make at home, yes, but the convenience of having someone make it for you on a cold wet day is lovely!

Chomp's Loaded Nachos -
Simple and tasty. I do like nachos, and these bring it with the addition of the vegetables and olives (I know, but good) so I really enjoyed this! I would not share these.

My recent experiences of Chomp have been nothing but positive, from food quality to service to taste, and because of those good experiences I would recommend you taking the time to head out to Port Moody and give it a try.

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