Monday, 27 August 2012

Book Review - The Vegetarian Kitchen Table Cookbook

This one is not vegan, just in case the title didn't give that away!

Quite a big book, with a number of logical chapters, and quite a few pictures, though as a vegetarian book a large number of the recipes do contain eggs and dairy. Many of these recipes can be made vegan with a quick substitution for the dairy, or a single egg replacer. However, some of the other recipes are egg dependent so not really able to be made vegan. That said, a number of the recipes are "accidentally vegan" so it is not without options for vegans. It is not necessarily a book I would recommend to go out and buy to have in a vegan kitchen, but would make a nice addition to a vegetarian one, or to anyone on the SAD wanting to reduce the amount of meat they eat, and increase their veggies.

The recipes I made, as always in page number order...
Page 13 Hummus
I have never before had hummus made with sesame oil in place of the tahini. You really should try it as it adds a different flavour dimension and slightly more creamy texture to the hummus. Nice.

Page 40 Carrot and Orange Salad
Little too much juice for my preference, but a lovely vibrant flavour, and very simple to make.

Page 46 Green Bean and Legume Salad
Nice combination of beans and vegetables. Worked really well with other salads.

Page 60 Lentil Salad
I had no puy lentils so made with regular lentils. I think puy would have been better as I do prefer the texture and flavour. Nice, hearty and earthy, but nice.

Page 164 Green Curry Vegetables
Nice, basic curry, though I don't usually use napa cabbage it was a tasty addition.

Page 204 Pad Thai
I have an issue with this recipe. In a vegetarian cooking book asking for Fish Sauce????? as an ingredient. Not even vegetarian! (I just added some Bragg Liquid Aminos). I also had an issue with my bean sprouts, they were yucky when I opened the packet so made it without them, in case you were wondering from the picture.

Page 265 Peanut Satay Sauce
I have never made a peanut sauce starting with peanuts instead of peanut butter. This was nice, though I did think the sesame seeds overpowered it a little, and felt a little out of place.

Next week I will be doing 2 books in one review - I have a couple of not-even-vegetarian cookbooks that I have been making things from, and I don't really want to give them a post each, as they are limited in what is available to vegans, unless you're willing to take the time to substitute and experiment. (Nothing against the books as they are - they're perfectly fine books, just not really perfect for me.)

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