Monday, 13 August 2012

Book Review - Vegan a la Mode

(Again with the lack of photos - sorry!)

This is a hard cover book, and well bound so it stays open on the page you turn to! Nothing is more annoying than having to weight down a book to keep it open to the page you want! Nicely laid out, with lots of pictures (if you like that), one recipe per facing page so easy to read.

The book starts with a number of chapters running through ingredients used, and the roles they play in ice-cream making, the tools you need (and how to work around the ones you don't have), and the techniques involved. There is also a small trouble shooting section, which is handy, because sometimes things don;t go as planned!

I like that in this book there are a number of different base recipes used, and that the recipes are not just variations on the same base. I would have liked to have seen a basic Basic Vanilla recipe and a basic Basic Chocolate recipe just because I have folks who prefer those above all other flavours. As a criticism its not a big one! The not so successful recipe (to come) we had does not put me off making more, though I may make some just for me, and not to please the vanilla-and-chocolate-only members of the family.

I made only six recipes, as there is only so much ice-cream you can eat! If you want to see reviews of other recipes then here are some I have found (or you can just Google like I did!) - Vegan Appetite, Snarky Vegan, A Dash of Compassion. So, I made -

Page 8 - Blue Moon Ice-cream
This is the one which didn't work for us. The mix, when chilled to be added was as thick as pudding, quitee solid, and didn't churn properly, just gummed up my machine. It also tasted a little artificial, which I had expected from the ingredients, and even the girls didn't like it much (and they like the cereal!). Maybe our cereal was a different brand than used in testing.

Page 20 Cookie Monster Ice-cream
Yum. Loaded with cookie dough, and cookies, this is a cookie sandwich in a bowl. Loved by R especially, and she has asked that I make the ice-cream without the cookies, as she really liked the vanilla base ice-cream! Winner.

Page 28 Peppermint Crush Ice-cream
I had leftover candy canes so used those. R requested this one, and liked it, butt it was one that you couldn't eat much of at a time. (Which is not necessarily a bad thing). Texture was lovely.

Page 48 Double Chocolate Fudge Chunk Ice-cream
There's a typo in this one - some of the ingredients are missing from the list for the fudge chunks. I guessed and got it pretty much right but others may not be so lucky. This one ended up being divine. Super over the top chocolate love! I would make again without the chunks for the kids as they weren't keen on them for some reason (best part I think!)

Page 50 French Vanilla Ice-cream
I enjoyed this one but the girls didn't. To me it doesn't taste like french vanilla, or at least not the french vanilla I remember. It does to me taste like custard ice-cream, and I love custard, always having custard powder in the house! Would make again, but would call it Frozen Custard or something similar.

Page 70 Vanilla Bean "Honey" Ice-cream
Nice one. I used my own "honey" that I bodged together, and it was wonderful. I could see it being awesome on pie as in the photo. Simple and tasty.

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