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Book Review - Grilling Vegan Style

In our house all cooking on the grill is done by H. I do the prep, he does the cooking so we'll have some of his feedback included in the comments on this one too.

I must confess, I had this book for a while before using it and reviewing, simply because I was waiting for summer to finally come to our part of the world. It arrived (at last) so we got grilling! and as I said last week I have been having camera issues so......... sorry for the lack of photos in this review.

The book starts with two full introductory chapters, the first looking in some detail at grills and grilling basics, and the second at the ingredients used in the book, touching in detail on the vegan protein "holy trinity" of tofu, seitan, and temeph. Nice info to have.

The recipe chapters are logically ordered, concluding with a hefty drinks chapter (which you would expect from the chap who brought you The Tipsy Vegan), and each chapter has a nice introduction. The recipes themselves are clearly laid out, easy to follow, and the recipe headers are relevant and not overly chatty.

On to the recipes I made, in page number order as always;
Page 57 - String Bean and Arugula Salad
Nice and zesty, sharp from the arugula. I enjoyed the flavour combination. H commented that the beans took longer than stated to cook, and that he felt this was a little fussy to make a salad.

Page 68 - Cedar Smoked Mushrooms
Mushrooms crusted with mushroom powder and cooked on a cedar plank for a yummy smoky infusion. We are mushroom lovers so devoured this one. I had loads of leftover mushroom crust after making this, and instead of throwing it out I used as the base for a mushroom risotto. Very nice, and helpful to know!

Page 80 - Chunky Grilled Potatoes
H's comment was that they took longer than stated to cook, but otherwise we both enjoyed this, I especially liked the little caramelised bits.

Page 93 - Balsamic--Splashed Zucchini
Simple but tasty. H's comment was that he would liked to have the zucchini marinated in the balsamic.

Page 101 - Portobellos with roasted leeks and spinach
Very tasty, a little fussy to make - stuffing the hot mushrooms for example, and we had way more filling than the mushrooms would take so we ate it over a salad. Nice that way too.

The following are marinades, from the chapter dedicated to them. All were very simple to make - I used tofu or tempeh.
Page 105 - Asian Infusion Marinade
Nice, little spicy, but went well with tempeh.

Page 106 Lemon and Garlic
I'd have liked more garlic, but I am a fiend.

Page 108 Finger-Lickin' BBQ Sauce
Very tasty, would make again for sure, though I usually prefer a no-cook BBQ sauce.

Page 111 Prime-Time Lime
Nice and zesty!

Page 114 Lemon and Pepper
Awesome on tofu! Nicely lemony, and not too much pepper.

Page 123 Stacked Portobello Burgers
Love portobellos, so loved these burgers. Nicely flavoured from the marinade, which enhanced the mushrooms.

Page 126 Garbanzo and Herb Burgers
H felt these were a waste of time to grill, as they are basically pre-cooked then just finished on the grill. I enjoyed the flavour, and loved the sauce, which was also great as a salad dressing.

Page 127 Southwestern Burgers
These were too sloppy to grill well, even after time in the fridge so we gave up and I pan cooked them. Tasted great, but the texture was a little off for me.

Page 156 Grilled Corn on the Cob
H didn't feel he needed a recipe so much discussion followed on how some people would... The sauce was lovely, we don;t usually have sauce with our corn and H felt it was a bit strange. Nice as a salad dressing too.

Page 168 Maple Soy Tempeh
So much of this recipe is cooked on the stove it is a bit of a waste of heating the BBQ to just grill the tempeh. A lovely dish, very flavourful, so I would make again, but indoors.

Page 170 Tex Mex Tempeh
Nice recipe, lovely and spiced, a little hot, and perfect with a tex-mex spread.

Page 172 Chipotle-marinated Tofu and Vegetable Kebabs
Really nice marinade. I would have liked to marinate the veggies too - and I will next time.

Page 206 Lemonade Stand
Loved by the girls especially! Simple and easy to remember so I have made a number of times.

Overall a solid book, though H felt a number of the recipes had something grilled for the sake of being grilled and that not much was added to the final dish by this step, especially the recipes where things had to be cooked in another manner beforehand. The marinade chapter got a huge thumbs up!!

Recommended? Yep, even if you don't have a BBQ, as many, if not all of the dishes can be made indoors using a pan. Not just for summer either, many of tthese recipes will take you to summer if it is mid-winter!

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great review! the tex mex tempeh sounds like a great recipe! said...

great review! the tex mex tempeh sounds like a great recipe!