Monday, 30 July 2012

E-Book Review - and Giveaway

So, I am still working through some recipes from both Grilling Vegan Style (Review next Monday) and Vegan a la Mode (the following Monday most likely) as the weather is co-operating nicely, but there is only so many times you can make ice-cream in one week! I've also been working a lot, two paid part-time jobs, and a part-time volunteer position. The volunteer thing is over now, and one of the paid jobs only has a few more weeks to run so I will be able to spend more time with the kids for the rest of the summer, and pay a little more attention to this blog.

I must admit that I am having a bunch of issues with my camera at the moment so this review, and the two coming up are unlikely to have any pictures. It is incredibly frustrating, and I am at the point where I may just have to get a new camera.

This week we have an e-book, and tied into that a give-away of two copies! The book is The New Raw Food Diet by Hillary Greenleaf (who has waited so very patiently for me to finally get to this review - apologies!) who has also penned the Green Smoothie Diet, and Superfoods for Women Only (neither of which I have read but you may be familiar with). She blogs here.

I love the book, it is written in a very approachable manner, is easy to follow and understand, and makes the idea of eating more raw foods, or even a complete raw food diet, very do-able for the average person! I made a recipe from each recipe chapter -
Breakfast - Almond Berry Muesli
Nice combination, super simple - really easy and a great start to the morning.

Main Dish - Hearty Kale and Cranberry Salad
I subbed agave for the honey but otherwise as written. I do love kale salads so was really expecting to like this, and I did. I like the sweet burst from the fruit dressing and pear, and the sour burst from the fresh (or in my case thawed frozen) cranberries.

Dessert - Key Lime Chiffon Pudding
Though I used regular limes! Lovely creamy texture, even with my crappy appliance, and nice flavour, bursts of lime!

To enter this giveaway I'd like you to visit Hilary's blog (link again) have a browse, them come back here and leave me a comment about something which struck your fancy in some way over there. For example, I enjoyed the article on dried fruits vs. fresh. I'll choose the two winners on Friday 3rd August, announce them here, then pass email addresses on to Hilary so she can arrange for the books to be sent to you electronically. Good luck!!


EMC said...

I really enjoyed the Vitamix vs. BlendTec comparison on Hilary's site. I spent a fair amount of time trying to decide between the two back in the day (4ish years ago?) and good side-by-side comparisons were hard to find. I ended up getting the Vitamix and LOVE it. Smooth smoothies and sauces; and I've recently started making my own coconut butter and tahini with it. :-) said...

what a great sounding book! and that lime chiffon pudding sounds amazing!! said...

what a great sounding book! and that lime chiffon pudding sounds amazing!!

Muffin said...

i liked the vitamix vs blend tec comparison. i am currently trying to decide which one to purchase.

Susanne Drazic said...

I liked the post about the strawberries. There was lots of great nutrition facts provided. I also liked that there was a recipe to try out.

THE NEW RAW FOOD DIET sounds like something that will be beneficial to all who have the opportunity to read it.

From the Market to the Plate

Jenny said...

I agree with Muffin! The side by side comparisons of the Blendtec and Vitamix was some of the most helpful information I've yet to find! I've been struggling to figure out which one to get, and the pictures, descriptions, and tables were MORE than helpful.