Monday, 9 July 2012

Book Review - Let Them Eat Vegan

I was really looking forward to Dreena Burton's latest book. I love how Dreena includes so much information in all her recipes, it's like she is in your kitchen chatting to you as you cook. You only have to think "oh, I'd like to make this but I don't have X", and Dreena already has a note on the recipe to say "If you don't have X then use Y" It's like she reads your mind!! I must admit to being a little apprehensive when I learned this book was being published by a different publisher than Dreena's first three, the thought more than crossed my mind that the new publisher might curtail the note and comment writing which I love (publishers can!), but I am happy to report they didn't, and all those handy hints and notes are in full force in this book too.

As with all Dreena's work, the book is well written, with a lot of information about ingredients, methods, and the recipes themselves, in the introductory section, the appendices, the chapter headers, and the recipe headers (not to mention the notes and hints!). This is one of those cookbooks you can read like a novel and enjoy just reading. I do like cookbooks like that. Layout is simple and effective, with one recipe per page, and each recipe has an indicator as to whether it is soy, wheat, or gluten free - handy for folks with allergies and intolerances.

Now, what about the food.....
I made a bunch of recipes, and here are my notes. Page number order as always.
Page 36 Three Bean Salad
Simple salad, similar to many I have had before. Solid recipe.

Page 37 Kale Slaw with Curried Almond Dressing
Dressing on page 49
Not the best Kale Salad I'e had, but nice enough. The dressing didn't absorb into the kale so well, softening it, as is my preference.

Page 38 Quinoa Nicoise
Oh, happy genius. Loved this salad. The flavours and main ingredients of Nicoise, with quinoa! Love it.

Page 39 Smoky Sweet Potato and Black Bean Salad
Loved this one too.The combination really works well, and while not too hot there is a good amount of smokiness which accentuates the sweetness in the beans and sweet potato.

Page 40 Quinoa Tabbouleh with Olives
I had to use green olives as I was out of Kalamata, but this was still a lovely salad. Not overely herb-y but nicely balanced.

Page 43 DJ's Hummus Salad Dressing
Another genius idea! I know Dreena borrowed it, but still. Yum!

Page 44 Classic Caesar Dressing
Nice Caesar dressing, good tang.

Page 53 Peanut Tahini Sauce
A little disappointing, as I love both peanut and tahini sauces. I didn't feel the mix was a vibrantly tasty as it could have been, and needed a little zing of lime or something to liven it up a little. Would make again and tweak.

Page 84 French Lentil Soup with Smoked Paprika
Loved this soup more the first day than the second, which is unusual for me and lentil soups. The flavours seemed to get lost overnight somehow.

Page 95 Lemon Dijon Green Beans
Simple and delicious.

 Page 100 Gingered Broccolini
Works just as well with broccoli! Tasty side dish, and not just for with Asian meals.

Page 102 Roasted O&V Potatoes
Simple and very tasty.

Page 114 Jerk Chickpeas
Lovely both straight out of the oven and cold. Super simple to make so will make often I think.

Page 135 Nutty Veggie Burgers
These were goooood burgers. Really good. I meant to only eat one but had to go back for more!

Page 175 Triple Threat Chocolate Coconut Macaroons
Thee simplest cookies ever! and so tasty. If you like the chocolate coconut combo you should make these!

Apologies for the lack of pictures for anything but salad!! All in all, way more hits, so I would recommend this book to everyone!!


kimbelina said...

Mmm... This is one of my new favourite books. I'm going to have to try the chocolate macaroons soon.

kimbelina said...

Mmm... This is one of my new favourite books. I'm going to have to try the chocolate macaroons soon. said...

great review! the salads look delicious! mmm!

janet @ the taste space said...

Thanks for your review. I had high hopes for the kale slaw, but maybe I won't break it out for company for the first go. :(

Carla said...

Janet - maybe try it on yourself first - you may love it!! Everyone likes different things after all.