Monday, 2 July 2012

Book Review - Great Gluten-Free Vegan Eats

Here's a book to add to the growing niche section for those who don't eat animals and who also can't handle gluten. There are not a lot of books specifically for GF vegans so it is nice to have this as another option, and it is a lovely book. There is a lot of space for the recipes, and for those of you who are photo lovers, there are loads of pictures - at least one per recipe - some even illustrate steps in the recipe which is a nice touch.

In the intro section there is a GF flour guide, and a general vegan ingredients guide both of which are very helpful. I would have liked to have seen a further guide to general GF foods which may be less common but able too be included in a vegan diet - grains (such as millet and amaranth) which can be used for example.

Allyson Kramer (link to Manifest Vegan blog) has included recipes for all parts of all the meals you eat, from basic recipes, breakfasts, main courses, snacks, starters and desserts, so if you are cooking for  someone who is both vegan and GF you're sure to find a recipe to fit the occasion. The chapters are colour coded which is a nice (and helpful) addition.

The recipes are split pretty evenly between those which are accidentally GF and vegan and as such could be contained in any vegan cookbook, and those which are specifically adjusted to be both GF and vegan, for example the baking and pasta recipes, and those which "usually" would use wheat as a binder. These later recipes are the ones which really make this an awesome book, and one worth investing in. GF baking is tricky, but in this the tricks have been worked out already for you! I didn't make any of the pasta recipes as I don't have easy access to one of the noted ingredients, but really appreciate that they are there. I would without a hesitation recommend this book to those who are either vegan or gluten-free, and if you're both you've probably got this one already!

The recipes I made, in page number order - with apologies for the lack of photos.

Page 33 Mashed Yukon Golds
I prefer my way of making mashed potatoes, which I think is true for everyone!

Page 53 Cherry Vanilla Bean Pancakes
Oh, yum! Though you do have to give the batter the sitting time while the pan heats or else it doesn't work as well, and the batter doesn't behave in the same manner as wheat flour batter.

Page 73 Slow-simmered Tofu with Peanut Sauce
The sauce from this is so good! I was a little underwhelmed by the tofu as it didn't really absorb the flavours as I thought it would, but the sauce was so lovely it more than carried the dish!

Page 77 Deli-style Chickpea Salad
Nice one. Interesting flavour and texture contrasts. Enjoyed by us all.

Page 78 Stroganoff
Even my mushroom hater quite liked this. I loved the richness that the dish had without feeling super heavy.

Page 86 Rosemary, Leek and Potato Pie
A little more involved to get it set up but once this is in the oven it is a breeze, and the result is lovely. It does need a few minutes to set up so give it the time or else it will fall apart a bit.

Page 101 Quinoa Tabbouleh
I love this dish, and I have made loads of variations it seems, and will continue to do so. Nice one.

Page 104 Creamy Potato Salad
Quite a standard, yet creamy which not all are, potato salad, but tasty all the same.

Page 125 Coconut Asparagus Soup
Really good soup - even with my crappy blender which didn't get it perfectly smooth, this was divine.

Page 141 Cinnamon Roasted Cauliflower
Nice spice mix here, which goes well with the cauli - don't be put off by thinking it will be sweet, as its not.

Page 142 Lemon Roasted Leeks
H found this too lemony but I really loved the tart hit with the creamy, slightly caramelised leeks. Will make again just for me!

Page 172 Dark Chocolate Orange Custard
I'd make this again and hide it so I could be the only one to eat it! Really rich, but worth every mouthful.

Page 184 Soulhaus Cookies
Enjoyed by the children and their friends and no-one made any comment about them being not the same as other cookies so I count that as a GF win!

Page 188 Peanut Butter Cookies
I thought these a little too sweet and the sugar stayed crystalline a little too much for me. Very Peanut Butter-y though!


radioactivegan said...

That asparagus soup look delicious!

Linda said...

THe chocolate custard picture is almost identical to the Mexican chocolate pudding one from not that long ago! (was just scrolling down the page and it felt very deja vu :)