Monday, 23 July 2012

Book Review - The Complete Idiot's Guide to Plan- Based Nutrition

Being a complete idiot I was rather pleased to receive a copy of this book. (I am joking, of course) I have another in the series (Vegan Living) so sort of knew what to expect from this one, or at least thought I did.

I really liked this book, I liked how it presented nutritional information in an informative, yet not condescending manner, and that it didn't repeat itself too much (which would be my only complaint about the other one).

I don't know if I learnt a great deal, having read many books over the years on the subject of vegan nutrition, but would recommend this one, and loan it out, to folks who were curious but hadn't a clue where to start.

The layout of the book is logical, the chapter order makes sense to me, and it was a detailed read so a new vegan would certainly find a great deal of food for thought.

The recipes I tried, on the whole, were simple, easy to make, with nothing to trip you up if you weren't a kitchen whiz. In page number order....

Page 248 Veggie Tofu Scramble
Loaded with veggies, so a lovely version of a tofu scramble. Easy to eat plain, though would be nice with potatoes.

Page 249 Breakfast Rice Pudding
Nice enough, not too sweet, but filling and warming. (Maybe not the best choice for this time of year!)

Page 251 Holy Kale with Herbed Tahini Dressing
Loved the dressing. Would make again to eat with grilled vege or over a plain lettuce based salad.

Page 255 Cream of Carrot Soup
Nothing but carrot goodness in this one - a little like eating a hot carrot smoothie. The dill adds a nice dimension to the flavours.

Page 258 Japanoodles
Too salty for me with all the miso. Simple to make, I'd just use less miso next time.

Page 260 Easy Beans and Quinoa
Easy, for sure. I added salsa, some sliced avocado, and more spices to mine.

Page 262 Versitile Bean Saute
Little bit bland so I added more spices (red pepper flakes for one) to add more flavour power.

Page 268 Roasted Cheesy Cauliflower
I love roasted cauliflower and so really liked this one. It is dead simple.

Page 269 Beans and Greens Chili
My greens were arugula so added a little bite to the chili. Nice, though a little strange at first to have greens in the chili!

Page 272 Simply Hummus
Nice standard hummus recipe. I like the addition of the nutritional yeast.

Page 276 Savory Nut Spread
My not-so-super food processor didn't get this entirely smooth but I enjoyed it anyway.

Page 281 Unclassic Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
Though I did use chocolate chips instead of the raisins. Not too sweet, these could easily qualify as a breakfast cookie. Not a decadent treat.

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great review! i would have bought it just for the name! haha and that kale salad looks outrageous!