Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Product Review - Orchard Bars

From the folks at Liberty Orchards in Washington State who bought the world the delight which is Aplets and Coplets, comes a new line of treats, Orchard Bars, and I've been lucky enough to try them!

But first, let me digress with a wee memory. When I was in my late teens my family took a trip from New Zealand to BC to visit some of my Mum's family, and we took a side trip (one of many) into Washington and visited the orchards. We all (but my Mum in particular) adored the Aplets and Cotlets, and for many years afterwards Dad would arrange for some to be periodically shipped from the US to NZ so we could enjoy them. I think I was pre-programmed to enjoy their new line, which is why I leapt at the chance to try them!

There are 5 flavours in the range (though for some reason only 3 are on the website link), and all are vegan, gluten free, and free of artificial preservatives, flavours, colours. I tried them all.

My favourite was one of the new flavours, Banana Mango Macadamia, as it was not too over the top sweet, with a lovely deep banana mango flavour enhanced by the creamy macadamias.
I also really enjoyed the Blueberry Pomegranate Almond as the blueberry flavour was intense, but not too sweet, as well as the Strawberry Raspberry Walnut, and the other new offering Cherry Almond Crunch for similar reasons.
I found the Pinneapple Coconut Macadamia bar to be a little too sweet for me, but it was very flavourful and you could certainly tell that it was pineapple and coconut!

All in all, if you have a chance to try one of these bars I would heartily recommend you do so - start with the Banana Mango Macadamia!!!

2 comments: said...

banana mango macadamia sounds wonderful! macadamias are my favorite nut :) haha...thanks for sharing! i'll have to give them a try!

radioactivegan said...

I drive by a few large fruit stands between here and Seattle, and one of them says "Aplets and Cotlets" on the side of the building. I've never stopped, but I've wondered what those are every time. Maybe I should stop in on my next trip to Seattle to find out!