Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Book Review - Vegetarian Entrees that won't leave you Hungry

No, I haven't stopped with being vegan (as if) but I don't have objections to having non-vegan cooking books in the house (there's actually a bunch coming up for review in upcoming weeks). Some have accidentally vegan, and awesome, recipes, and some have ideas which I take as inspiration. As this book is published by The Experiment, who are also my publishers, so I thought I'd give it a whirl.

I also have a copy of Lukas Volger's first book - Veggie Burgers Every Which Way - and was expecting this one to be the same dimensions - as on Amazon they look the same, however, whilst still square this book is loads bigger which I was a little put out about - they won't make a cute matched set on the shelves. (Not important, right) The book is cute, bright and vibrant, with lots of lovely pictures (if you like that sort of thing) though unfortunately not all vegan, you'll have to skim the pictures to avoid the egg dishes. Its laid out in an easy to follow way, and while focused on main courses does have a few starter and dessert options.

I would have liked a little more detailed information about using the tofu marinades (length of time to marinate, how to cook once marinated in particular) for tofu-newbies, but as I am experienced with tofu I figured it out!

There were quite a lot of accidentally vegan, or easily made vegan (swap out the dairy easy-peasy) recipes in this book. Which is nice. Not many photos this week, sorry. I made (in page number order);

Page 24 - Twenty Minute Tomato Sauce: Simple, tasty, and yes, it did take 20 minutes.

Page 59 - Spiced Lentil Soup: Thick, hearty, warming, earthy and fulfilling. I liked this one a lot even though it didn't look the prettiest.

Page 61 - Red Bean Chili: Didn't work well for me. I think I got old and tough beans. I had to cook them for more than twice the time stated and they were still not entirely tender. The spice balance was a bit off after the extended cooking time too.

Page 88 - Classic Pad Thai: Though made without eggs.Simple to make, and very tasty.

Page 99 - Easy Tomato Curry: Very easy, very nice, and would make again for sure.

Page 135 - Basic Vinaigrette: Basic yes, but also tasty.

Page 136 - Lemon-Cumin Vinaigrette: Though I used Lime as my lemon was mouldy! I think lime and cumin are buddies anyway so it was good that way too!

Page 157 - Peanut-Cilantro Tofu Marinade: Even with added water this was too thick to permeate the tofu, and once cooked formed a crust on the outside. Tasty though.

Page 158 - Honey-Mustard Tofu Marinade: Though I used Agave. Nice balance of sweet and tangy, and very enjoyable.

Page 163 - Chocolate Truffles: Made with Soy Creamer. Divine. I do love chocolate truffles!

All in all, I like having this book, will cook more from it, and will not hesitate to loan it out when people are interested in being vegetarian but not vegan (yet).

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Bianca said...

Hi Carla! I'd love to review your book (in response to your comment). And it would be awesome if you can review mine too when it comes out. My email address is on my profile page if you need to have your publisher contacts email me.

Also, we must have the same people contacting us! I actually bought the Global Kitchen book when Carolyn was in Memphis, but many of the free review copies I've gotten have been the same ones you have! Like the Book of Vegan Swaps (I'm reviewing it tomorrow!).