Thursday, 22 September 2011

and the winner is.....

There were 24 entried from the blog here, and 14 from VBS FB page so I counted them after the ones here (so #1 on FB was #25 in counting order) and used a Random Number Generator to pick the winning entry - I then counted through the entries to get the right one.

So the winning number is - number 11!

Number 11 comment is -Teddyplanet!!
I have left a comment on your blog so please email me.
If Teddyplanet doesn't copntact me by next Monday I will redraw.

Thanks everyone for the cool ideas for birthday celebrations and wishes.

Remember I will be taking a wee internet holiday until Vegan MoFo starts. If you need to contact me, email please as I will not be blogging or Facebooking until then.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Internet Holiday.

I will be back to post the cookbook giveaway winner (Thursday) and then I will be taking a wee internet holiday until Vegan MoFo starts on October 1st. I will be attempting to blog each day so I need to get a little preparation in. I also have a bunch of writing (and also editing for VSC soon) to get done and am finding the lure of Facebook, the PPK, Pottermore, VegWeb, Amazon, etc etc to be a huge time suck, and enabling my own procrastination. This has to stop, and will! (at least until October).

I will still be checking my email so if you need to reach me, then please do so that way.
I will be back with my "What I make and eat" themed MoFo posts soon. (Lame theme I know, but I want to realistically show how simple and varied eating vegan can be!)

Keep entering the cookbook giveaway - you have until 9pm September 21st!

Monday, 19 September 2011

Its (almost) my Birthday!

So lets celebrate.

This is a big one (not that I will be sharing the actual number) so to mark the day I would like to giveaway a copy of Quick and Easy Vegan Bakesale.

Leave a comment and tell me your favorite way to celebrate on your birthday to enter, and I will draw the winner at 9pm (PT) on Wednesday 21st September.
I probably won't get to announcing the winner until the next day - just so you know.

For a second entry like the Vegan Bakesale page on Facebook and comment there too.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Forks over Knives 1

I have been sent a copy of this book to have a read through and review. In order to do it justice I feel I need to make a couple of the recipes so I can comment on those too. Consider this part one, and initial impressions. I have not seen the movie so can't comment on how accurately the tie in is.

The book is in two halves. The first half is information (from the movie I assume), about the benefits of a vegan diet - on all levels; health, environmental, animal welfare, etc, but the main focus is on the health benefits, reversing disease, and quality of life. The second half of the book is recipes which will help to do the things discussed in the first half.

I like how the book as a whole is laid out, and find the information part easy to read. It is written for the average person to be able to understand and isn't loaded with jargon and terminology that could be off-putting. The personal stories and people in the movie pages are coloured so they don't blend into the main text and are nice interludes, very inspiring. I like the style the book is written in, and that the information is not presented in a preachy sort of way, or in a way that might be too gross for people who are new to the information (especially talking here of the parts which touch on how being vegan reduces animal suffering). I like how the reader is referred to more in depth sources of information for both nutritional information and animal welfare concerns.

The recipes are all contributed by a wide range of vegan chefs and writers. They are all healthy, and (I hope to discover this to be true when I make them) described as tasty! Loaded with fresh fruits and vegetables, beans, nuts, and seeds, without any of the refined white stuffs, or added oils. The ingredients appear to be accessible and not weird for a non-vegan picking up the book for the first time. Only thing I have negative is that I would have liked to have seen photos of some of the recipes, perhaps they could have been contributed too?

I will be back with a more detailed review, and reviews of some of the recipes in the near future. I want to go see the movie now!

Have you seen the movie? (or read the book?) What did you think??

Friday, 9 September 2011

Vegan MoFo

Coming to a blog near you this October. My blog, in fact. The Vegan Month of Food celebrates all it is to be vegan, and enjoy delicious vegan food, everyday.
Logo to be added once there is one! and sign up details once those have been determined too.
In the past I have had themes (Things I Love, My Cookbook Shelf, to name two) but this year I think I am going to go theme free and just share randomness about the food I have been creating and eating.
Looking forward to it!

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Dinner, yesterday

A Spicy Roasted Red Pepper Risotto with Garlic Broccoli. Not too spicy, but enough so you know it is there. I finished the risotto with a tablespoon or so of Vegenaise to add creaminess. Weird, yes, but it worked really well.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Dinner for 1.

Kale and Quinoa, originally uploaded by Vegan Year.

Sometimes when H is working shifts I can't be bothered cooking a lot for just the girls and I. They like simple so often I will take the ingredients they are eating plain and mix it up abit for me.. This is one of those dinnners - Shared ingredients Quinoa, Kale, Red Pepper, then I added garlic, chili flakes and hot sauce to mine.