Saturday, 12 November 2011

Apricot Glazed Tofu

Apricot Glazed Tofu, originally uploaded by Vegan Year.

Well, I've had a couple of weeks!
The element in my oven is burned out (overuse maybe?)and while I can still broil I can''t bake or roast so I have been having to be careful with my menu planning. (My F-I-L is on the case to fix it, so hopefully soon)
My slow cooker has died (again I think from overuse) so I have ordered another, and can't wait for it to come, because.....
I have started a PT job ((outside the home!) and am finding myself super busy and needing the organisation a SC can bring to a day. Especially now that the competition season is upon us for the girls' dancing and I am ferry-ing them hither and yon for dancing lessons, practices (and soon to be competitions) numerous times a week.
I also had to have a tooth yanked as I got a really bad infection. Ouch! All better now but it was soups and smoothies for quite a few days.
Anyyway, hope to be back on a more even keel soon and in the meantime here is a photo of Apricot Glazed Tofu for you -- no recipe just a bunch of seasonings mixed with apricot jam and slather over the tofu and broiled. The cabbage is loaded with sliced dried apricots and pistachios to continue the taste theme through the meal.
Until next blog post...

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