Wednesday, 12 October 2011

What I make and eat 12

This is a spread I made for an indoors Teddy Bears Picnic hosted by my elder daughter. All home made (well, I bought the fruit and vege at the store) and all yummy. Though there was the odd child who didn't like something - the dip for the veggies, the icing on the cupcakes, the cupcake (after eating all the icing)- pretty much everything got eaten! In more detail we have -

Chocolate and Vanilla Cupcakes, with Buttercream, More or Less from Vegan Bake Sale.

A selection of mini finger sandwiches - thte triangles are sprouts, the rectangles; cucumber, and the squares are lettuce and tomato.

Plain Cookeis from Vegan Bake Sale, made as stars.

Chocolate Chip Cookies (no recipe, made up on the fly). All the teddys and their owners had a blast and went home with full tummies too.


Roxee said...

No pictures of the teddy bears???? All the food looks delicious. said...

An indoor teddy bears picnic, awesome! The cupcakes look especially fantastic!

Joann@womaninreallife said...

Very nice spread. I'm sure the kids enjoyed it. Fyi, I just featured some photos of cranberry scones I made from your book on my blog. They turned out well indeed. That was the first recipe I tried from Vegan Bake Sale. I will certainly be trying more in future!

Carla said...

No, the kids were holding on to them and I don't want to put pics of other people's children on the internet without permission - which I didn't have.

Carla said...

Thx Joann! I will have a look!