Monday, 23 May 2011

Double Chocolate Waffles with Mint Chocolate Chip Icecream

The waffles are still in testing as they are, at present, too cakey to be waffles - but as such they make a perfect vehicle for ice-cream!
My daughters commented that this one was better than any I have ever bought at the store, and as such I feel I sort of have to share the recipe with you....

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice-cream

½ (12-ounce) Packet, or 6-ounces, Firm Silken Tofu
¾ cup Icing Sugar
¾ cup Granulated Sugar
¾ cup Canola Oil
¾ cup Soymilk
¾ cup Soy Creamer
¼ teaspoon Vanilla Extract
¾ teaspoon Mint Extract
1 teaspoon White Balsamic Vinegar
Drop Green Food Coloring, optional

¾ cup vegan Chocolate Chips, mini if possible, see Note

Place tofu through food color, if using, in your blender. Start slowly, then increase speed and blend until completely smooth and thick. Stop to scrape the sides as required.
Transfer blender jar to the fridge to chill overnight.
Pour into your ice-cream machine and process for 30 minutes until aerated and cooled. You’ll see small ice crystals formed in the mix but it will not be solid, more like a thick liquid. This is fine.
Stir through the chocolate chips.
Transfer to freezer safe containers, cover and freeze for at least 24 hours prior to serving.

A combination of white and semi sweet chips is a nice variation.



HayMarket8 said...

Whoa! That looks amazing! How did you get your ice cream to stay so firm? Mine always melts before I can even get it to the bowl! said...

Wow, that is one seriously perfect combination! I can't wait to get an ice cream maker so I can try all of the delicious ice cream recipes I've been bookmarking recently!

Carla said...

I think its a combination of awesome recipe (ha!) and crappy weather which stops the melting.....
I'm planning a "cotton candy" flavor next - or rather have been told I will be making it!

Elisabeth said...


jools said...

We loved the waffles - and the cakeyness, which does go really well with bananas and icecream.

Gauri Radha गौरी राधा said...

This looks incredible!!
Vegan waffles + vegan ice-cream = perfect combination.