Friday, 1 April 2011

Another month like Santa.

March flew by. I think because I have been so busy with recipe development I didn't have time to stop and remember that I am not eating treats, and then miss them. And I've been kept so happily full from all that testing that I (on the whole) haven't felt like I wanted any. Dates to the rescue as ever... For full disclosures sake, I did have a little bit of Vanilla Waffle on morning when I made them for the girls for a special breakfast, and in one of the recipes I made some caramelised nuts to go with so they count as treats.... but on the whole eating like Santa is getting easier as time goes on, not harder. If you are interested, the day I had those caramelised nuts I could feel them in my body afterwards - like I do when I drink caffeinated coffee - racing heart, sweats, trouble sleeping... so I guess I have detoxed a bit and this is how I respond, or now I can see it anyway. Not so much after the waffle, but it was only a little. The challenge for the year continues to go well, and, without really trying, I've lost 25 pounds since Christmas. Wonder how Santa is doing with that???

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cardamomandcastiron said...

Congratulations on the weight loss! I haven't quite given up sweets yet, but I've tried to cut back a bit. :)