Thursday, 3 March 2011

It's March so I owe you an update!

That would be the update as to how I am getting on with my year of "eating like Santa".

The answer, pretty good. February had lots of parties and the like which I had to bake for and I managed to get through the month with only eating 2 "test" cookies from new recipes (both of which are in the poll in the sidebar for you to choose to get the recipe so vote if you haven't...) and no cake or anything. Yay me!

We went out for dinner for our wedding anniversary last night, and I managed to eat very nicely with adjustments to the menu and no dessert, so I am safe on the "Santa eating" front there too.
I'm finding I no longer crave sweet stuff and saying no is easier. I have a packet of dates for my sweet tooth emergencies which has been there unopened for over 2 weeks now!

Another good thing, from the "Santa eating" perspective is that all the recipes I am developing right now are savory, and most, due to the nature of them, are high in fibre and low in fat - all good!!!

So my challenge for the year is progressing nicely. How are you making out with yours???


radioactivegan said...

I'm trying to not eat sugar this one single week (with Katie at ) and just this week is killing me! I hadn't thought about how many things had unnecessary sugar in them, which is how I ended up eating a frozen Amy's burrito for breakfast in a moment of sheer frustration. So, my hat goes off to you in a BIG way!

Courtney said...

Good for you, Carla! While I don't really eat much sugar, there is NO way dates could last in my kitchen for 2 weeks without being open...I love my dates and fruit etc.!