Monday, 28 March 2011

Exciting Announcement #2

Exciting for me anyway. Deep breath.

Book number 2 is on the way!
As you may have seen on Facebook, I have been contracted to write a second book. The announcement is that this will be a vegan Slow Cooker book - still awaiting a tentative title. I will share this once it has been nutted out - lots to consider in making a title for a book, right? ETA; Tentative title and subtitle = Quick and Easy Vegan Slow Cooking: More than 150 Tasty, Nourishing Slow Cooker Recipes that Practically Make Themselves

I am in the throes of mad recipe testing and creation (and thanks to the wonderful testers who are part of this with me) and eating nothing but food from the slow cooker, or so it feels (though this has to be better for me than nothing but baking!). Looking at a release date of January 1st 2012 at the moment, though this of course, may change. There is nothing up on Amazon as of yet as we need to determine a title and subtitle first (obviously) but it should be showing as available for pre-order in a few weeks to a month or so. Never fear, I will link it here when it is showing!

The focus of this book is very much main meals; nutritious, tasty, one pot dishes which will fill you up and keep you satisfied, that use the wonderful appliance which is the slow cooker to get you there. Its going to be awesome!

I am looking for a few more (5?) committed testers to help with recipes for this, so if you have a slow cooker and feel you can commit to testing at least 30 recipes over the next 3 months (roughly 3 per week) then please email me at address in the side bar (not in the comments please). If you have testing experience then note that in your email, just because I am nosy.

In the meantime, don't forget to enter the giveaway to win book #1!


Babette said...

I'm looking forward to your book! I have a slowcooker, but I really don't use it enough. It's such a great way to save energy.

HayMarket8 said...

awesome! congrats!

Vegyogini said...

I can't commit to 3 recipes per week, but I can say that I will absolutely buy this book when it comes out! I love this idea and I'm so excited that you're undertaking this project!

AntandAmy said...

yaaah congrats on making it official!! : )

Carla said...

I'm excited too - its a fun project, challenging but fun.

Jourdan said...

So excited more vegan cookbooks are coming out. Congratulations. I posted a great article by vegan Mayim Bialik today. Take a look if you have time!