Thursday, 3 February 2011

Not a Resolution; the update, #1

Remember how in this post I explained the challenge I was undertaking for 2011?
Well, I thought it was time for an update seeing as we have been through a month. (and a bit).
So, in all of January how many times did I not "eat like Santa" and have a sweet, sugary treat?
That's right, Not A One!
I am very proud of myself. and rightly so!!
When I wanted sweet I ate a date. (or other dried fruit) Or juiced some fruit and vegetables.
I haven't been eating less, just differently, and I do actually feel better for it, even with being sick for a good 10 days. Now to keep it up....
In saying that I must point out that February will be harder. I have to make cookies for M's birthday treat for school, cookies for her birthday treat for dance class, a birthday cake for her, as well as cupcakes for R's Dinner Party. But, I have thought that if I make tried and true recipes I won't need to taste the results to see how they work, well that's the plan anyway.
Shall I report back again at the beginning of March?? If you're interesting in hearing how I am getting on I am happy to.


Elizabeth said...

I wish I had the ability to avoid sweets like that! Had this been my New Year's resolution, I wouldn't have lasted a day! Congrats!

cardamomandcastiron said...

I'm trying to avoid sweets too, but haven't lasted a whole month. Trying to bake with less sugar too. I'd love to hear how you're doing (obviously)!

Linda said...

well done Carla! How are the girls doing? I seem to remember they were only allowed sweets on special occasions too...

radioactivegan said...

I am in awe, especially knowing how great your recipes are! Congratulations on a great first month. I can't wait to hear how you do during February

Courtney said...

Way to go, Carla! I would love another post come March :-)