Saturday, 5 February 2011

Batch #2

Nut and Seed Cookies GF, originally uploaded by Vegan Year.

These ones I made to take to dance class to be shared.
There is a girl in M's class who "doesn't eat flour" and M requested I make some so she could join in with the treats too. (M is a thoughtful and caring girl most of the time!) I checked with the girl's (E) Mum and "doesn't eat flour" does mean she is Gluten Free (had to check!) but has no other allergies.
In the spirit of sharing I made these delicate and delectable Nut and Seed GF Cookies. I did add in some chocolate chips but if I wasn't making for the kids I'd have used chopped up nuts instead.
Lucky for E - she will get to take any leftovers home.
I'll comment and let you know if they were a hit - I'm sure they will be.

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